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Multi-Channel Marketing Approach for Performance Advertisers

In saturated markets, we need to work twice as hard to produce the same results. In their pursuit of conversions, advertisers are increasingly turning to unconventional campaigns to capture the attention of their audiences. It

How to Outperform Your Best Mobile Ad Creative

In a saturated market, like mobile advertising, having a competitive advantage is your X-factor. You should be aware you are playing a fast game. Users are used to relentlessly scrolling

The Privacy Challenge: Strategies for Post-IDFA Mobile User Acquisition

Mobile app marketing, one of the youngest online marketing niches, is undergoing the most extensive privacy shift. There is a good reason for that. The amount of data one

Video Ads Continue to Gain on Prominence in Performance Marketing – You Should Capitalize on That

Along with native ads, video ads are dominating the performance advertising landscape. There is a good reason for that. Video ads achieve fantastic click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR) for your

Are Push Notifications Still Important for Advertisers?

Back in the day, Blackberry introduced push as one of their biggest USPs. And they were spot on. Quickly enough, current leaders in the mobile space – Apple and

How IDFA Changes Affect Performance Marketers and How to Prepare for SKAdNetwork Solution on iOS 14.5

Changes to Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) – dubbed as the “doom of the digital advertising industry for iOS”, are around the corner. Originally planned for September 2020, these

Video Gaming Advertising Trends Every Marketer Should Be Aware of in 2021

Gaming is where the entertainment industry is at. Even pre-pandemic, video games surpassed music, sports, and movies in terms of revenues. Lockdown mode propelled this trend and current forecasts show the gaming industry will double its current

Privacy and Advertising: Global Outlook 2021

In the two years since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law, the world has indubitably moved closer towards a privacy-oriented future. Digital marketers are grappling with the

Scaling Brand-Safe Mobile Programmatic Campaigns

One of the clearest benefits of programmatic buying is its ability to achieve scale; 80% of mobile display ads are now being traded programmatically. With programmatic scale comes less

Rewarded Ads Reward More Than Just App Users

Rewarded ads incentivize user interactions such as watching 10-30 second videos (rewarded video ads) or listening to short audio clips (rewarded audio ads). Unlike other ad formats, rewarded ads

Organic App Installs: Unpacking the Enigma

Organic app installs are all too often equated with free or un-attributed installs. The truth is that they are by no means un-attributable (and rarely completely free).  Effective mobile

Reaping the Rewards of Automation for Mobile Marketing Growth

While most mobile advertisers appreciate the value of automation, many have not yet realized the extent of its benefits. Mobile marketing automation facilitates the flexible scaling of mobile marketing

How to Create the Most Engaging Mobile Video Ads Around

Mobile video ads, along with native ads, are dominating the mobile landscape in both click-through- and conversion rates. Yet they only compromise 14% of all mobile ad spending. Below,

How Mobile Manufacturers and Carriers Facilitate App Economy Disruption

App publishers looking to scale-up use a combination of channels to boost their brand awareness and user acquisition (UA). Mobile manufacturers and carriers provide an all too overlooked channel

Competing with Giants: A Guide to Marketing News Apps

News app marketing marks one of the more recent steps that news publishers must take to compete within an industry in a constant state of digitization and evolution. Developing

A Deep Dive into E-Commerce App Retargeting in an Evolving Data Landscape

It should not be surprising that recent reports identify e-commerce apps as the largest users of retargeting campaigns. These shopping and retail apps are the perfect fit for direct response

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing E-Commerce Apps

M-Commerce (mobile e-commerce) is predicted to scale at a 25.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019-2024. If those predictions are correct, m-commerce would hit $488 billion in four years

How to Scale User Acquisition via Programmatic Media Buying

Many of our regular readers will have already read our Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising. This piece expands on that accessible introduction with a renewed focus on programmatic media