8 Steps to 5-Star App Ratings and Reviews in 2020

In a world where first impressions are everything and at a time when consumers are growing increasingly skeptical of marketing, peer recommendations in the form of app store ratings

Introducing Site Transparency on the Advertiser Portal

The Advertiser Portal, which allows advertisers to easily keep tabs on the performance of all campaigns running via Applift, now has a new feature to improve visibility into ad

User Retention – 5 Ways to Calculate It

Of all the components of the user lifecycle, retention is probably the most important metric for freemium apps and free-to-play games. Retention is indeed a direct factor in the

10 marketing and advertising newsletters we ❤️ to get

Like everyone else in the world we receive too many marketing emails at Applift. "Delete" and "Mark as Spam" are everyone's favorite buttons. There are, however, a few newsletters

New Advertiser Portal Puts All Campaign Data in One Place

Applift rolls out new advertiser portal Navigating through all your campaigns and making sense of the myriad of data can be challenging. With Applift’s new Advertiser Portal, this is

Applift appoints Remco Westermann as the new Chief Executive Officer

Applift, a leading mobile user acquisition platform, announced today the appointment of Remco Westermann as the new Chief Executive Officer. Applift was recently acquired by publicly listed Media and

[ebook] Combating Mobile Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is ubiquitous on mobile and continues to attract attention and discussions within the industry. TrafficGuard/Juniper set the total cost of ad fraud at $34 billion in 2019,

Running AdTech analytics workloads at scale on the cloud – Podcast featuring VP of Tech Uzi Blum

Our VP of Technology, Uzi Blum, was invited to share his knowledge and Applift's approach to cloud computing podcast presented by Rackner. The Cloud Native Show presented by Alex

Strengthening our operations in Spanish-speaking Latin America

Strengthening operations in Latin America The smartphone market and application advancement has boomed in Latin America in recent years. According to a report released by AppsFlyer, the app advertising

Deterministic vs. Probabilistic Data Tracking: Which is More Effective?

We have already explained the differences between first, second, and third party data, and how each of them can be used for mobile advertising purposes. Today, we look into a

Attract Betting Customers at the Right Time and Place

With the online betting and gambling industry expected to grow by a CAGR of 11% and be worth US $94 billion in 2024, there’s a huge opportunity for marketers

Mobile programmatic masterclass at OMR 2019 – video + slides

OMR Festival is one of the largest digital media festivals in Europe. This year we participated with a masterclass on mobile programmatic strategies to around 100 marketers, brand advertisers

Master Visibility and Organic Installs with Keyword Boost

65% of organic downloads in Apple's App Store start with a search. App store optimization or ASO for short, has always been a crucial part in your user acquisition

Shifting Gears and Brand Dollars to In-App

Performance marketers, especially those with an app-based business, will vouch for the many benefits that in-app advertising has to offer. Ever since the growth of mobile ad tech in

Defining the Next Wave: Mobile Advertising in Southeast Asia

If you have been following the Applift blog, you would have read our series on "Emerging Mobile Markets," where we focused on and traced the growth of app economies

Why the Road to Mobile Engagement Goes Via CPA

For the longest time, mobile user acquisition and retargeting have been viewed as separate stages of the mobile funnel: the traditional mobile advertising approach has taught app advertisers to

Are You Tracking These KPIs in Your User Acquisition Strategy?

“How do you measure the performance and value of your mobile app?” If we ask this question to a performance marketer, we are likely to get varied answers. Setting

5G, “Fatter Pipes”, and the Impact on Mobile Advertising

Stop me if you've heard this one before – "I went to MWC and all I got was a fantastic collection of 5G slogans." Applift team is at Mobile