10 marketing and advertising newsletters we ❤️ to get

Like everyone else in the world we receive too many marketing emails at Applift. “Delete” and “Mark as Spam” are everyone’s favorite buttons. There are, however, a few newsletters that we very much look forward to receiving (besides that email from HR about an extra day off over the Christmas-New Year period).


AdExchanger Daily

AdExchanger posts tons of news articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, events promotions etc. The Daily saves you from having to shift through all the noise and delivers best of the day + links to top external stories neatly once a day.

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Digiday Daily

Digiday follows similar topics but with a clear focus on publishers and media. There’s surprisingly little overlap with AdExchanger. Most of the content is behind a paywall which is well worth shelling out for.

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CMO Today

CMO Today team has their eye clearly on the brands, their campaigns and big trends in advertising. It’s always inspiring and insightful to look outside the focused mobile performance marketing field and follow the larger marketing discipline.

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You get 10 stories a week from a variety of angles like publisher monetization, platform news, ad policy, large acquisition and funding news in the consumer business. We like the variety! Thalamus’ podcast “Mobile+ Performance Advertising Podcast” is more focused and a must-listen if you’re in that field.

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Business of Apps

BoA is focused on apps, the gatekeepers (aka Google and Apple), the big movers and shakers, mobile development, advertising and monetization trends and more.

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Adam Lovallo from keeps the list of links he sends every week short and focuses on the digital advertising ecosystem and infrastructure as it affects advertisers and marketers. There’s also a list of events and meetups (in the US), job openings and weekly newsletter open and click rates. We’re no different from other marketers and love benchmarking our own results against others, kudos for sharing that!

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Adam Blacker is brilliant. From his subject lines to his data-driven insight into the movers and shakers in the app world (and thus, the real world). It’s the perfect use of their own product to create an insightful newsletter, add clever commentary, and make readers want to test drive Apptopia the product as a result.

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For a well-rounded marketing approach, the weekly roundup of HubSpot’s latest blog posts your practical go-to guide. It covers a wide range of popular topics from social media marketing to the latest trends in the industry to HubSpot best practices and free templates. We’re big fans (and happy customers) of Hubspot and the high quality content they keep pumping out.

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The Contagious newsletter contains thoughtful pieces on the biggest marketing story and highlights of famous (or infamous) campaigns from the week gone by. The best part of the newsletter is at the end actually – a mind-boggling stat, such as the amount of money Michael Bloomberg spent on his first week of campaigning or the number of seconds it took for Alibaba to rack up it’s first $1bn in sales on Singles’ Day. That’s $34.8m and 68 seconds respectively, in case you were wondering.

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Subscribing to all of these can be daunting but we’ll confess – we don’t click or read all the stories. Scanning the headlines is often enough to spot the 1-2 stories a day that are relevant, and in general keep our finger on the pulse of the industry.

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