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Mobile Ad Tech: Buzz or Actual Trend?

“Rich media? Yes! We’re super excited about this and 80 percent of our campaigns are now run on rich media”.If you’ve been around the mobile industry for over two years, you may laugh at the above example as just about any company you spoke with at the Mobile World Congress was pitching rich media campaigns, filling their website with shiny examples of amazing HTML5 dynamic creative…In reality, rich media was an extremely small part of the actual activity as getting this format to work has always been a nightmare.

The Mobile Games Market to Reach $40.9 Billion by 2017

Last August we partnered with games market research firm Newzoo to investigate the growth of the global mobile games market as well as the appeal of various global regions for mobile games publishers. We published the findings in a comprehensive infographic, The Global Mobile Games Landscape RELOADED, showing the total growth of smartphone and tablet revenue, a world map of monetization potential, as well as a summary appeal matrix.

10 Underrated Tactics to Get More App Installs

If you are marketing an app, it pays to take a step back once in a while and reflect upon the acquisition tactics you may have missed to drive more app installs. You are probably already doing all the right things: optimizing your app store page, building a community, tracking your advertising campaigns, being active in social media and so on. What you might have missed, however, are some of the more underrated and ignored tactics to generate users for your app. So here it is: a list of 10 underrated ways to get more app installs. Enjoy!

모바일 산업 리포트: 앱 애니 “앱 시장과 영화 산업은 유사하다.”

Marcos는 앱 애니의 글로벌 커뮤니케이션과 컨텐츠 프로그램을 맡고 있습니다. 앱 애니 입사전에는, 기업 파일 공유 회사인 Egnyte의 마케팅 이사로 재직했었고, iBand의 창업팀의 멤버로 스타트업과 함께 16년 이상 일해왔습니다. 이전에 Marcos는 Clarabridge에서 커뮤니케이션 전략가로 활동하였고, Macromedia의 Shockwave제품 출시 대변인과 VerSign, CyberSource, Software.ent과 Quote.com의 대표 홍보전략가와 같은 다양한 직책을 맡았었습니다.

F2P 게임의 선전과 그 이유

신작 게임의 수익 모델(광고, 인앱 판매, 앱 유료 판매 등)를 결정할 때에는 회사의 비즈니스 모델을 고려해야 합니다. 중독성 높은 게임을 무료로 출시한 후, 게임을 더 재미있게 즐길 수 있는 인앱 아이템을 판매하는 것은 가장 일반적인 수익 모델입니다.

또는 게임을 유료로 판매하는 모델은 어떨까요? 수익성이 높아 퍼블리셔들에게 가장 인기있는 모델은 부분유료화(F2P)입니다. 결국 모바일 게임 퍼블리셔와 개발자들에게 중요한 것은 수익입니다. 유저들을 짜증나게 만들기보다는 즐겁게 만듦으로써 부분 유료화 모델의 수익성을 극대화할 수 있습니다.

Free to Play Games Are Still King and Here’s Why

Whether a game is free (with ad-based monetization), free-to-play (while offering in-app purchases) or paid is a matter of publisher or developer choice and should be based on your business model. Will you go down the F2P route of creating an amazingly addictive game that’s free to download but relies on in-app purchases to make a player more competitive and enhance the user experience?

Asian Mobile Games Markets: Top Insights from the Asian Beats Series

Asia Pacific is the world’s largest market for mobile games, presenting a big, though challenging, opportunity for games publishers worldwide. The specifics of the Asian mobile games market conditions and the trends in each of its countries and regions, South Korea, Japan, China and South East Asia, represent so much variation that it’s important for publishers to get to know each one before attempting to enter the Asian market.