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AppLift Allstars: Native Advertising, Asian Mobile Marketing, User Retention and So Much More!

Over the past 12 months we have been working hard to make sure that our readers are kept up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry and across different markets. We have talked about mobile marketing, app store optimization, user acquisition & retention, how to make it in the Asian markets as well as many other topics. We obviously always tried our best to give you as professional and extensive insights as possible, but some specific posts were slightly more successful than others, and we would like to put them, once again, in the spotlight.

앱리프트 올스타: 네이티브 광고, 아시아 모바일 마케팅, 유저 리텐션 그리고 더 많은 이야기

지난 12개월 동안 저희는 독자들에게 최신 트렌드와 업계 및 다른 시장 내 발전 방향에 대해 빠르게 전달해드리기 위해 노력해왔습니다. 그 동안 모바일 마케팅, 앱 스토어 최적화, 유저 확보와 리텐션, 아시아 시장 등이 다양한 주제로 다뤄졌지요. 저희는 모든 포스팅에 최대한 전문적이고 폭 넓은 인사이트를 제공하고자 노력하지만, 일부 특정 포스팅들이 특히 더 좋은 반응을 이끌어냈습니다. 이번 기회에 그 포스팅들을 다시한번 스포라이트 아래에 살펴보고자 합니다.

Five Reasons Why YouTube Is an Underrated Channel for Mobile User Acquisition

With over 6 billion monthly video views, YouTube seems to have met our need for continuous visual content. While YouTube is often referred to as merely a media channel used for video consumption, in reality its dynamic nature offers the viewer so much more. Beyond entertainment and information, this platform allows for viewers to engage through subscriptions, likes and comments.