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How to Boost Your App Ranking with Quality Ratings and Reviews

There’s no denying the importance of app ratings and reviews – they are the social proof that determines your app’s success. Visitors to the app stores flock to highly rated apps and read reviews to see if an app is worth downloading.

But what is the real effect of ratings and review? Are they only there to affect the downloader’s decision? In fact, ratings and reviews are taken highly into consideration when a new user is browsing the stores for that new helpful app or addictive game. However, app ratings and reviews also affect your ASO and search rankings.

TV Advertising: Why The Latest Mobile Marketing Trend Runs On a 55″ Screen

Mobile gaming TV ads were all the rage at this year’s SuperBowl, with Supercell spending a few million dollars on no less than Liam Neeson for their Super Bowl prime time TV ad. On top of casting and production costs, the Finnish game studio also paid out a whopping $9 million for the 60 second media spot. Close contender, Machine Zone used the services of Kate Upton and “only” spent $4,500,000 on one 30-second TV advertising spot.Beyond these high-profile examples, more and more mobile app and game publishers are testing TV as a medium to market their apps; This includes the likes of King, War Gaming, InnoGames, Big Fish, Good Game Studios as well as a few other well regarded studios.Why are mobile app developers suddenly advertising on a medium we ‘digital’ people thought was going towards extinction? How does a mobile app developer track the success of their TV campaign? What is the “entry” ticket to TV, and why should a mobile developer work with an expert to run TV? These are the questions we’ve sought to answer over the last year.

Which Price Is Right In Mobile User Acquisition?

What is the right price for a performance mobile user acquisition campaign?

Although fundamental for mobile advertisers, this simple question has no straightforward answer. There are indeed a lot of factors likely to influence or even determine the success of a mobile user acquisition campaign, especially if it’s run on a performance basis.

Strong of our experience of running performance campaigns for over 500 mobile advertisers, here is what actually matters when it comes to getting the right price…and the price right.

성과 기반의 모바일 유저 확보 캠페인에 대한 적절한 가격은 무엇일까?

성과 위주의 모바일 유저 확보 캠페인을 위한 적절한 가격은 무엇일까?

모바일 광고주들에게 있어 기본적인 이 질문에 대한 해답을 하나로 내리기란 그렇게 쉬운 일은 아닙니다. 물론 모바일 유저 확보 캠페인의 성공을 결정짓거나 영향을 주는 요인은 여러가지가 있습니다. 특히 성과를 기반으로 했을 때는 더욱 그렇죠.

500개 이상의 모바일 광고주들을 위해 성과형 캠페인을 진행해온 우리의 경험을 바탕으로 봤을 때 적절한 가격을 정하기 위해 중요한 것들을 정리해보았습니다.

How Social Features Can Boost Player Retention and Discovery

The number of games in the app stores is staggering. There are over 1.2M apps in Apple’s App Store, almost 1.5M in Google’s Play Store and 293K in Amazon’s app store. More apps are created every day. Although the Big Three tech giants like to boast about those numbers, for app developers they mean extreme competition and only a tiny chance to make a profit from their games. According to, 62% of developers earn less than $500 a month on their apps. The extreme competition in the mobile gaming market jeopardizes developers’ ability to make a living through game development.

How Ad Innovation Is Driving Forward the Mobile Industry

However popular and hyped mobile advertising has become, the truth is that, as a platform and a practice, it is still in its infancy. Advertisers are always looking for innovative ways to communicate in engaging ways while publishers are in desperate need for better tools to integrate ads in ways that optimize monetization without hurting the user experience.The good news is, mobile technologies are constantly innovating, inventing and adding new features in order to improve the ad experience. To leverage these new technologies, “ad innovation labs”, teams dedicated to inventing and creating ever-more engaging and performing ad formats, are playing an increasingly bigger role.Drawing from our own experience at AppLift, here’s how ad innovation is changing our industry and benefiting all its stakeholders.