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Asian Beat #8: Four Insights Into the Malaysian Mobile Games Market

Welcome to the eighth installment of our Asian Beat series! After Vietnam and Thailand, Malaysia is the third South-East Asian country to fall under our microscope.This time again, we teamed up with games research company Newzoo to explore this market. Malaysia is an interesting country, because it is extremely diverse culturally and linguistically. The Malaysian games market, and mobile in particular, is due to grow impressively in the years to come, which makes it a suitable destination to roll out your game in South-East Asia.Here are our top 4 insights into the Malaysian mobile games market!

User Satisfaction: Four Reasons Your Mobile App is Bleeding Out Users

Getting Users Is Hard

There’s now millions of apps in both app stores, watches to pull attention away from the phone screens and terrifying increases in cost of customer acquisition. It is clear that the key to retention is user satisfaction.

Keeping Users Is Harder

Tapstream put together the data and we’ve seen brutal drops in day one retention. Day seven and thirty weren’t nearly as dramatic, but day one is where everybody is falling off the cliff. What makes day one such a challenge? Here’s four reasons you might be bleeding out users and three ways to plug the holes.

App Localization 101: How Not to Pay Twice

Sooner or later, almost every app developer faces the question of expansion into other markets. When this happens, submitting an application into a foreign store is not enough: the app should be localized. It has been proven that localization can significantly increase app downloads, as it makes the app available and understandable for a larger audience. However, localization goes far beyond a simple translation. Here are a few tips on how to facilitate the localization process, complete with a few handy links to make everything work out smoothly.