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It’s Time We Start Thinking Less About Installs and More About Retention

For many mobile marketers, the golden measurement of an app’s success is downloads – or more specifically, installs. After all, an app with 200k installs must be doing something right.

But is customer acquisition truly the best objective for today’s mobile marketer? Perhaps not.

Analyzing thousands of leading mobile apps, we’ve found two key trends when it comes to installs that might leave you questioning your current marketing strategy.

AppLift and Smaato Talk Mobile Ad Fraud at DMEXCO 2015

Beyond business and pleasure, dmexco was the occasion to take up a serious topic within the mobile advertising industry: fraud. We took the opportunity to host a Work Lab together with mobile publisher platform Smaato. Our CEO Tim Koschella took the stage together with Smaato’s CEO Ragnar Kruse to offer their views and solutions on an issue plaguing the whole ecosystem.

Understanding Lifetime Value Is Crucial To Successful Mobile Marketing

Although the concept of customer lifetime value (LTV) for mobile users has gained a lot of attention in the past couple of years, there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstandings around both LTV’s definition and how it should be used for mobile campaigns. Let’s try and debunk the myths, set expectations straight and see how LTV can be effectively leveraged for mobile advertising.

Let’s start off with the reassuring feeling that a majority of players within the mobile industry are leveraging LTV for their user acquisition efforts, are thinking of doing it, or at the very least have heard of the term. This is partly due to a general shift in mentalities and expectations in the industry towards ROI-positive media buying, as we have now completely entered the third wave of mobile marketing. Mobile marketers now understand the value of having of having insights on what’s happening after the install, all along the user lifecycle, and how it impacts overall ROI down the line.

Leveraging App Bundles To Increase Your Bottom Line

Last year, with the release of iOS8, Apple added App Bundles, a new way to (hopefully) increase revenue by bundling together apps and selling them at a discount.

In theory, App Bundles looked like a super simple way to increase revenue. After all, who wouldn’t want to get more apps for less money (per app), right?

A year in, we can see that App Bundles can be great, if you can leverage them properly. Armed with data, let’s take a look how you can do that.

appsfigures conducted an analysis of App Bundles in 2014 that showed some impressive growth numbers, so lets start by analyzing the existing landscape and comparing it to last year.

Interview Exposed #22: adsquare “GeoData: Offline and Digital Will Be Bridged by Analyzing Real-World User Behavior and Linking It to Mobile Campaigns”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed Series! This time around, we interviewed Vincent Tessier, VP Demand Partnerships at adsquare. Vincent explains how advertisers need to leverage data to ensure that they are correctly targeting the right users through value-added campaigns, and stresses the importance of ‘geodata’, as frequently-visited places is a strong indication of user preferences, interests and intentions. Lastly, he explains the necessity of ‘privacy by design’ to ensure that only the necessary data is collected and protected.

Who Uses Retail Mobile Apps?

At AppLift, we strive to offer mobile app advertisers the best technology platform for their user acquisition and re-engagement needs. However, we also understand that advertising is just one – important – part of the efforts that app publishers need to undertake for their overall app strategy. For this reason, we appreciate and, at times, support all industry initiatives aiming at better understanding mobile trends and behaviors.

One of the domains where mobile still has to pierce through (at least in Western markets) is e-commerce. This month, our friends at Apptentive put together an interesting report on retail apps and we decided to offer the readers of the AppLift blog a summary of their main findings. Among other things, we were happily surprised to discover that more people than we thought use retail apps! Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments if you have questions or remarks.

Happy (mobile) shopping!