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A New Era Begins for AppLift India

After a long and arduous journey, AppLift finally opened its doors to a brand new office in the heart of India’s silicon valley – Bangalore. A vibrant city with some of the best tech talent in the world, the bustling city of Bangalore was a natural choice for AppLift to set up shop and further grow its India business. A week of festivities ensued with the opening of the new office – ranging from a learnup to an office warming party and finally, AppLift’s premier Datathon in India.

7 Hot Mobile Engagement Trends for 2016

We are at a point in history where mobile is intertwined with our everyday activities. Whether you are using your mobile to send a quick Whatsapp message to your friend or to check the live train/bus times, most people do not go anywhere without their phones.

Growth in mobile commerce is unstoppable. In fact, according to a Criterio report in Q2, U.S. mCommerce passed 30 % share. Users are spending more and more time on their mobiles with mobile usage accounting for 62 % of digital time spent and app activity holding 54 %. So how will this play through to 2016? What can we expect to develop in regards to mobile engagement?


AppLift 在全球各大洲均设有办公点。如总部设在享誉广告之都的德国柏林,其它办公点分别位于美国的旧金山、韩国首尔(为亚太区总部)、印度的班加罗尔、日本东京、新加坡还有中国的北京。今天,让我们一起去参观设在德国柏林的总部办公室,并且体验一下公司总部的工作环境氛围。(此行参观的背后故事︰ 事实上,每位 AppLift员工在初次加入AppLift时都曾亲自到过德国总部柏林办公点参加培训。以下是新员工在去年冬天参加培训时的照片及感想。请欣赏!)

Top 11 Mobile AdTech Predictions for 2016

Phew, what a year it was! Before we all start indulging in well-deserved end-of-year festivities, we thought it would be good to make a few bets on what lies in store for next year.

Here are our top 11 mobile adtech predictions for the year to come. We sorted them into three buckets, depending on their level of speculation.

Don’t agree with ook ne/some/any of them? We’d love to hear your conflicting opinion 🙂 Please use the comment section or send us an email directly to blog[at] and we will do a follow up blog post should we receive enough different viewpoints.

New Report and Study: Fighting Mobile Fraud In the Programmatic Era

We are thrilled to release our latest report: Fighting Mobile Fraud In the Programmatic Era.

Today, ad fraud is a major issue for all parts of the digital ecosystem. In mobile in particular, the issue is prevalent due to relatively young age of the industry compared with the experience and the versatility of fraudsters. They often move from one platform to the next, once the safeguards and defense systems are too advanced and their activity becomes no longer lucrative.

Being a demand-side platform, we chose to focus on the type of fraud afflicting advertisers, namely publisher fraud. Our goal was to raise awareness about the issue, and show that, however advanced fraudulent techniques can get, there are many ways to fight back.

Read on to know more about mobile fraud…

10 Ways Mobile is Changing the Role of Product Managers

Mobile product management as a profession is still relatively new, although it’s picked up speed over the last year across companies of all sizes. Many senior product managers are making the switch to mobile, and despite their years—sometimes decades—of experience, the transition can still have challenges.

While the fundamentals of product management (including roadmap creation, requirements definition, performance measurement, and customer obsession) remain the same, there are a few key differences between the goals of general product managers and mobile product managers, especially when it comes to prioritizing projects and delivering new ideas for product improvement.

Today’s post covers differences in the ways mobile product managers think about their products, along with tips to help you boost your technical skills to dive into the world of mobile product management. Let’s begin!