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7 Insider Tips to Optimize the Performance of Mobile RTB Campaigns

One of the advantages of real-time media buying is to access a potentially unlimited pool of supply. However, at the same time, this is also one of its main challenges as it requires to constantly maximize media buying efficiency by identifying and focusing on the best-performing campaign set-up. Strong of our experience of running or helping our clients run a myriad of programmatic campaigns through our platform DataLift, here are seven tips and levers you can act on when optimizing the performance of mobile RTB campaigns.

Industry Exposed with Helpshift: “Success depends on your most loyal users coming back”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed series! For this first instalment in 2016, we welcome Abinash Tripathy, co-founder and CEO of Helpshift, a platform that enables app developers to communicate with their users and customers in order to engage and retain them. Abinash gives some detailed and comprehensive answers on some of the most important aspects of managing an app community.

AppLift’s Ultimate Guide to Barcelona During MWC

Barcelona is known as the Spanish city that has sea, mountains, panoramic views, great seafood and amazing Gaudi architecture all in one place. However, it is a city that offers so much more than that. For our industry, it is home to the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Europe’s largest mobile conference. For many mobile professionals, the yearly trip to Barcelona has something of a pilgrimage and during that time, the whole city transforms to cater to thousands of handset developers, telecom providers and mobile enthusiasts.

This year, MWC will take place from February 22-25 and aims to attract over 100K global visitors. If this is your first time at MWC, fear not! We have picked the minds of our MWC Veterans at AppLift for tips about the show so you don’t end up completely exhausted after this four-day marathon.

If you’re seasoned MWC-goer, we’ve got you covered as well! We’ve selected the best places to eat, drink, or simply visit if you have a bit of time on your hands.

Life at AppLift with Jenia Korenkova

On the AppLift blog, we’re hard at work sharing the latest and freshest tips, trends, and analyses in the mobile advertising industry. Since we started this blog three years ago, we’ve made it our mission to inform, educate, and improve the standards of our industry while avoiding self-promotion as much as possible (well, we do have to talk about ourselves sometimes, this is a corporate blog after all ;).

We are continuing here with our latest series: Life at AppLift! The goal is to give a glimpse into who makes our company so vibrant, but also to look at how each individual person within our organization, through their work, can positively impact our industry.

This time around, meet Jenia, Head of Media Trading at AppLift.