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Private Marketplaces: Welcome to the VIP Club

Last week we discussed in detail how the RTB auction process works. This week, as part of our on-going series on Programmatic, we take a deep dive into the world of private marketplaces.

Private Marketplaces, or PMPs, are invite-only marketplaces that allow high-caliber publishers to set aside certain ad inventory packages and sell them to a select buyer or group of buyers through a private auction mechanism, transacted through Deal IDs. Deal IDs can be understood as a unique code that is generated to represent the negotiated terms of the deal between the buyer and the seller.

Our new blog post takes you through a deep-dive into the world of private marketplaces!

FirstScreen Conference: The Speakers Are Here

A few weeks ago we went out with the news of our first-ever conference, FirstScreen, which will take place on June 15 in Berlin in collaboration with Online Marketing Rockstars. Today we’re thrilled to announce the first speakers as well as the conference agenda. We mixed insightful sessions from mobile experts with inspirational talks from influencers and entrepreneurial luminaries to bring you a conference experience both informative and entertaining. Among others, we will be welcoming the founders of the app phenomenons and Dubsmash, as well as specialists from Facebook, TUNE, adjust, Studio 71, Priori Data and many more!

Five Key Lessons for Mobile Game Developers From PG Connects Bangalore 2016

The 2016 edition of the Pocket Gamer Connects kicked off on Thursday, April 21, bringing together the mobile gaming fraternity to the Indian tech hub of Bangalore. The popular international mobile gaming conference has participation from developers, Indie stars, publishers, and giants such as Google, Reliance Games, Rovio, Microsoft, among many others.

How Does the Mobile RTB Auction Process Work?

Even as Real Time Bidding (RTB) continues its exponential growth, there is still curiosity among mobile advertisers to fully understand what programmatic advertising really is. One of the most misunderstood concepts in programmatic is the RTB process, which is often confused to being synonymous with what programmatic stands for.

For the uninitiated, RTB is a type of programmatic buying where the buying and selling of online ad impressions is done in real time for the transacting of one single impression at a time. This happens in milliseconds, on average around 200 milliseconds to be precise, before a page loads.

But, how exactly does a mobile RTB auction work? Read on as we take you through a deep dive into the world of an RTB auction process.

‘모바일 프로그래매틱’이 정확히 무슨 말이죠?

최근에 ‘프로그래매틱’이라는 단어 많이 들어보셨을 겁니다. 저도 많이 들어봤습니다. 들어봤지만 제대로 이해 못하고 있다고 해도 괜찮습니다. 저도 그러니까요. 지미 키멜은 언젠가 프로그래매틱은 광고의 ‘글루텐’같다는 유명한 이야기를 했었습니다. 글루텐이 음식 산업에 버즈워드가 되었던 것처럼 최근 프로그래매틱이라는 단어가 애드테크 산업의 가장 핫한 버즈워드가 되었습니다. 그렇다면, 도대체 ‘프로그래매틱’은 무엇일까요?




近年来,你是否经常听到”程序化”这个词,其实不只你一个人有这样的经历。如果你并不完全理解其实际意思,那么,别担心,因为不只你一个人不理解 !Jimmy Kimmel曾经闹过一次笑话-即把程序化广告叫做”面筋”广告。就像面筋一样成为食品行业中的流行热词,最近几年,程序化也一样已成为广告科技中最热门的时髦热词。

优化移动 RTB 广告效果的七大秘诀

实时媒体购买的最大优势之一就是能够最大限度地获取潜在的媒体资源。然而,与此同时也会面临着其中的一大难题,因其需要通过确定并围绕效果最佳的广告设置不断地优化媒体购买效率。现在,通过我们的DataLift 广告平台投放经验来帮助广告商提供大量的程序化广告投放服务。下面列出七大窍诀以方便大家优化移动 RTB 广告效果。