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Life at AppLift with Matthew Chuck

On the AppLift blog, we’re hard at work sharing the latest and freshest tips, trends, and analyses in the mobile advertising industry. Since we started this blog three years ago, we’ve made it our mission to inform, educate, and improve the standards of our industry while avoiding self-promotion as much as possible (well, we do have to talk about ourselves sometimes, this is a corporate blog after all ;).

We are continuing here with our latest series: Life at AppLift! The goal is to give a glimpse into who makes our company so vibrant, but also to look at how each individual person within our organization, through their work, can positively impact our industry.

This time around, meet Matthew, Media Partner Account Senior Manager at AppLift.

모바일 RTB 경매가 진행되는 과정

실시간 입찰(Real Time Bidding, RTB) 방식의 광고 시장이 성장을 거듭하고 있음에도 불구하고 많은 모바일 광고주들은 여전히 프로그래매틱 광고가 정확히 무엇인지 궁금해 합니다. 프로그래매틱이라는 개념을 이해하는 데 가장 어려운 점은 바로 RTB 경매가 진행되는 과정에 관한 것입니다. 많은 사람들이 RTB와 프로그래매틱의 의미가 같다고 생각하기 때문이죠.

RTB는 온라인 광고 노출의 구매와 판매가 실시간 진행되는 프로그래매틱 바잉의 한 종류일 뿐입니다. 이 모든 과정이 페이지가 로드되기 직전, 순식간에 일어납니다. 조금 더 정확히 말하면 평균 약 0.2초가 걸리죠!

이제 이 경매가 어떻게 진행되는지 자세히 알아보고 RTB 매커니즘의 종류와 가격을 살펴보겠습니다.

You Only Get One Shot: A Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Killer App Launch Strategy

You get just one shot at launching your app and you have to make sure you do it right. Providing the right launch pad for your app can result in tens of thousands of app downloads in a space of a few days only, which in turn gives you the big chance to get featured in the Top Free or Paid sections of the App stores. Needless to say, a featured app usually gets the dream run you are looking for at the time of the launch.