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eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Programmatic Media Buying

The digital advertising industry, and especially mobile advertising, has evolved at a rapid pace in the last couple of years, and much of that evolution has been towards programmatic. Programmatic advertising, i.e. the automated buy of media placements, has gone mainstream in the last few years, replacing traditional ad-space sells for mobile websites and mobile apps. However, despite all the buzz around programmatic, there is still confusion around what the term means and implies. Few know what it stands for, and even fewer know how to use it for media buying.

Our latest eBook demystifies what programmatic is and explains everything that you wanted to know about programmatic, but were too afraid to ask!

    AppLift’s Insider Guide to Being a True Berliner During FirstScreen

    FirstScreen is just one week away and we thought we owe it to our readers as well as to all attendees to say a short word about the city where the conference will take place, and where AppLift was born. From being at the center of much of Europe’s history and turmoil throughout the 20th century, over the last 20 years Berlin has become a vibrant hub for artistic creativity and, most recently, startup innovation.

    Although plenty of food and excitement will be provided at the aftershow party at House of Weekend, we’ve interviewed three AppLift Berliners, both native and newcomers, to explain why they love this city so much and give a few tips as to where to go eat and party if you’re staying for a couple days more.

    Programmatic Direct: Automating The Handshake Between Advertisers And Publishers

    In our series on programmatic, so far we have talked about what programmatic media buying is and the various ways in which advertisers can buy ad inventory programmatically. We have dived into Real-Time Bidding Open Auction (RTB) and Private Marketplaces (PMP), both of which make use of auctions that happen in real-time. In this installment, we will discuss Programmatic Direct, an arm of programmatic media buying that doesn’t involve a real-time auction.