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How to Re-Engage Your Mobile Users Before and After the Holiday Season [WEBINAR]

While it is clear that re-engaging a user is much more cost-effective than acquiring a new one, today mobile marketers do not always know the exact ways to renew communication with their user base. With the end-of-year holidays fast approaching, hoards of new devices get unpacked, consumption picks up, and it is more than ever essential to establish efficient communication with the users.

On Tuesday, October 11 at 10am PDT/1pm EDT, we will be hosting a webinar where we aim to tackle the various aspects and latest techniques of mobile re-engagement.

Living Our Values

How to attract new talent? What makes a company good to work for? We’d like to talk about company values and how they influence our daily behavior, promoting loyalty and ensuring the retention of quality people within AppLift. After listening to feedback from our employees, here is how these values help to build a successful company.

RTB Project(实时竞价平台): 能够推动移动程序化不断发展的国际通用语


#AppLift Recap – 动态消息 July in China

我们庆祝了首尔办公室成立三周年纪念日。从三年前只有4人的小团队,成长为如今仍然在壮大的20人团队,AppLift亚太地区的发展是一段不平凡的旅程。同时,没有比现在更适合在上海也开设一个办公室了!因为看到了中国华南地区的快速发展,我们决定在上海开设一个新办公室以更好的服务于我们在中国的客户。这也是AppLift将其应用垂直业务在中国扩大的一个里程碑。我们可以帮助更多中国移动市场的营销者通过我们的一体化应用广告平台, DataLift 360,去定位并连接潜在的价值用户。

The RTB Project: A Lingua Franca That Drives Growth in Programmatic

A “Lingua Franca” is a common language enabling people from various countries and cultures to understand each other. For instance, Latin imposed itself as the common language throughout Europe during the old days of the Pax Romana and French was used widely across diplomatic missions until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, English is the uncontested universal language of commerce, trade and business for the ease of exchanging information and making communication standardized.

The same purpose underlies the creation of the RTB project, as its mission is officially to “spur greater growth in the RTB marketplace by providing open industry standards for communication between buyers of advertising and sellers of publisher inventory.”