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Life at AppLift with Alex Pham

Welcome to a new instalment of our series Life at AppLift, which aims at getting you to know the people working in our company. Through this series, we want to cast a light onto what makes our company so vibrant, and also show how each and every individual within our organization, through their work, can positively impact our industry.

Today, learn more about Alex Pham, Head of Platform Solutions at AppLift Berlin.

리타겟팅 캠페인에서 모바일 마케터들이 기억해야 할 4가지

‘리인게이지먼트(Re-engagement)’와 ‘리타겟팅(Re-targeting)’은 경쟁적인 시장 환경에서 적절한 유저를 타겟팅 하고자 하는 모바일 마케터들에게 떠오르고 있는 키워드입니다. 각각의 유저들이 놓여있는 단계에 적합한 광고를 통해 이들의 관심을 끌 수 있는 실전 리타겟팅 방법에 대해 함께 알아보시죠.

“School of Ad Tech” Part 1: What the Acronym

It’s ‘back-to-school’ season for students in most parts of the world, so we thought we’ll take our readers back to school too! Welcome to AppLift’s new series: School of Ad Tech, where we will demystify the basics of ad tech for our readers. So, if you are new to ad tech, or want to brush up some concepts again, this series is for you! We’ll be posting a new part of the series every alternate week, so make sure to check back for all the parts in the series to ensure you don’t miss out!

In this first part, “What the Acronym”, we decrypt some of the most-used acronyms in ad tech.

RTBプロジェクト: プログラマテック成長を牽引する共通語

「共通語」とは 違う国あるいは違う文化を持つ人々の間で意思疎通に使われている共通言語です。 例えば、ラテン語はパクスロマーナ時代に全ヨーロッパの共通語として確立されました。フランス語は20世紀初頭まで外交上に広く使われていました。現在、英語は情報交換とコミュニケーションのため通商、貿易、ビジネス分野で広く使われています。

AppLifters Around the World – Meet Manuel

Our global footprints translate into unique work-abroad opportunities for our employees and we support relocation at any step of your career. So whether it is the German culture you’d like to experience, or the vibe of the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, there are dozen of different opportunities waiting for you to explore, over our 9 locations. Join us at