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School of Ad Tech Part 3: Hit Advertising Success with the Right Mobile Ad Format

Welcome to the third installment in our new series “School of Ad Tech”, where we demystify the basics of ad tech for our readers. In the previous editions of this series, we’ve acquainted our readers with the most important ad tech acronyms, and explained why the concept of LTV is an important one for app marketers.

In this post, we’ll break down the various ad formats to help app marketers decide which works best for their app marketing goals.

Is Your DSP Really Working for You?

The growth of programmatic media buying has meant that the market is flooded with DSPs. For an advertiser new to the programmatic environment, the wide range of options in the market can be confusing. Almost all major DSPs have a fairly common set of features, but which DSP is best suited to an advertiser’s campaign needs is what needs to be thought of before setting up programmatic campaigns.

Is your DSP really working for you? Does the DSP suit your advertising needs? On the back of our experience of running a strong platform, we give you some tips on factors to consider when choosing a DSP.