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ebook: Combating Mobile Advertising Fraud

Ad fraud is ubiquitous and continues to attract attention and discussions within the industry, with mixed estimates on the depth of financial losses due to ad fraud. All stakeholders within the mobile ad tech ecosystem have a crucial role in combating ad fraud.

Our latest eBook dives in-depth to uncover various prevalent ad fraud types and explain key heuristics for fraud prevention.

Understanding the Impact of Ad Fraud in the Industry

AppLift recently participated in a webinar with TUNE on fighting ad fraud, where Clément Névoret, Director of Business Operations, offered his viewpoint on how fraud affects ad networks, a potential solution, and the impact it could have on our industry. For our readers who missed the webinar, here is a condensed version of his talk. This post originally appeared on TUNE’s blog.


新シリーズ “スクールオブアドテク”の記事第三弾では、読者の皆さんに広告技術の基礎を解説したいと思います。以前このシリーズでは、最も重要な広告技術の頭字語を知り、LTVの概念がアプリマーケティング担当者にとっていかに重要かの理由を説明しました。