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Understanding the Impact of Ad Fraud in the Industry

AppLift recently participated in a webinar with TUNE on fighting ad fraud, where Clément Névoret, Director of Business Operations, offered his viewpoint on how fraud affects ad networks, a potential solution, and the impact it could have on our industry. For our readers who missed the webinar, here is a condensed version of his talk. This post originally appeared on TUNE’s blog.


新シリーズ “スクールオブアドテク”の記事第三弾では、読者の皆さんに広告技術の基礎を解説したいと思います。以前このシリーズでは、最も重要な広告技術の頭字語を知り、LTVの概念がアプリマーケティング担当者にとっていかに重要かの理由を説明しました。