Embracing a Programmatic Future: AppLift Acquires Mobile DSP Bidstalk

Today we are very excited to announce that AppLift has acquired Bidstalk, one of the world’s leading mobile demand side platforms (DSP). Bidstalk is headquartered in Singapore, with an additional R&D center in Bangalore, India. Its technology enables mobile marketers to buy RTB-traded inventory through a self-serve interface offered on a white-label basis and works with over 40 DSPs, including some of the biggest names in the RTB space, delivering over 40 billion impressions a day.

Why did we buy a demand side platform, and why Bidstalk specifically?

We strongly believe that the largest part of the future of mobile advertising, and especially performance advertising, lies in programmatic. We have been following the mobile RTB space from its early days and we can now see that programmatic has reached a point where it will be the major driver of growth in the mobile app performance space. Numbers confirm the trend, with eMarketer predicting that, in 2015, mobile will make up 56.2% of overall programmatic ad display spending in the US.

Prior to making this decision, we thoroughly looked at dozens of demand side platforms across the industry, and assessed Bidstalk’s technology to be far above all others in terms of efficiency and scalability. Also, and not less importantly, we found an outstanding team with whom we share the same DNA, market vision and, what matters most, entrepreneurial spirit of getting things done.

Bidstalk’s technology has been integrated into our mobile media buying platform DataLift and AppLift’s clients now have access to a wide spectrum of RTB inventory, including more than 30 programmatic mobile display, video and native SSPs and exchanges as well as further supply sources, all through a self-service interface. The combination of Bidstalk’s RTB capabilities with DataLift’s data management and optimization layer will enable advertisers to take their programmatic buying in-house, while at the same time benefit from AppLift’s proprietary technological infrastructure dedicated to delivering mobile performance advertising at scale.

Co-founders Vaibhav Gupta, Guna Kakulapati, Rishi Agarwal and Vipul Jain will join AppLift’s top management team and ensure the continuation of the Bidstalk’s white-label business line under the Bidstalk brand. The company’s 50 employees, including 40 engineers, will join AppLift and their Bangalore R&D center will become our second engineering hub after Berlin. Both their Bangalore and Singapore presence will also help strengthen our international footprint, with now 8 international offices, of which 6 are in Asia.

We are thrilled to welcome Bidstalk into the AppLift family and look forward to a bright, programmatic future!

Tim, Stefan and Maor

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