Applift and Verve Group’s Global Growth Continues with a Six-Country Expansion

Applift and Verve Group are proud to announce the launch of operations in a number of new countries – Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Poland and Turkey. The expansion, alongside a successful renewal of operations in South Korea, not only brings our expertise into new markets but creates a range of cutting-edge mobile growth opportunities for brands, agencies and publishers. 

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Applift was formed in 2012 as one the world’s first mobile-only performance marketing service providers. Since then, our continued pioneering of new trends and results-driven performance campaigns for brands and advertisers has helped to establish us as a leading international name. As a mobile-first, cross-channel marketing service provider, we look after the entire mobile strategy – from growth to retention.

We recently became part of Verve Group, along with Verve and PubNative. The partnership not only expands our international reach but brings invaluable new skills, tools and experience – from promoting an open mobile ecosystem to expanding location marketing tactics to new regions. Verve Group works with top Fortune 500 global digital brands, offering a full-stack ad platform to connect brands, advertisers and publishers to people in real time.

Alongside our mobile ad tech expertise and our ability to manage algorithms across different platforms, one of our key strengths has long been our global presence. We are already operating in 20+ countries, with offices from Argentina to Japan. For that reason, we are especially excited to announce that we will be taking our mobile growth expertise into the new markets of Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, and Turkey.

The new territories each have differing levels of mobile ad market maturity and sophistication. While our strategies will be tailored to meet each nation’s specific market needs, we have learned that some clients’ wishes are universal. All brands and advertisers want engaged customers on mobile, transparent traffic, and alternative channels that offer great ROAS/ROI. Our transparency-focused Advertiser Portal will be especially effective in helping them achieve those goals.

Our New Team

We would also like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our new team members:

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