Applift Partners with Protected Media to Harness Advanced Cyber Security Tools in the Fight of Ad Fraud

We are thrilled to announce that Applift has partnered with Protected Media to harness advanced cyber security tools to take its fight against ad fraud a step further. This includes a sophisticated evaluation of the legitimacy of the publisher’s traffic throughout the mobile app install process to detect and mitigate attribution fraud and fake installs.

Protected Media’s Mobile App Install Fraud Prevention solution integrates on top of attribution servers to supply the additional layer needed to detect advanced threats. By partnering with Protected Media, Applift’s customers are able to benefit from quick detection of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT). The new solution enables filtering the traffic prior to sending it to the app market detecting advanced attribution fraud. In 2018, Protected Media and Buzzfeed News’ big exposure on “We Purchase Apps” brought to surface a multi-million dollar ad fraud scheme where over 125 Android apps and websites were caught in the fraud ring.

“Protected Media’s solution beat competition with its advanced fraud detection capabilities and pattern detection for non-human traffic. Click-level analysis in real-time cuts fraudulent publishers before their traffic results in fake conversions for our customers,” said Evgeny Makarov, Applift’s Team Lead Traffic Quality.

“We are excited to extend our solution to the mobile app install field,” said Asaf Greiner, Protected Media’s CEO. “We have been serving mobile-first global leaders in the advertising space and bringing the same techniques to app install attribution fraud, is a natural step. We are happy to partner with Applift who are taking advanced measures to continue to lead the industry.

As an active player in the ad tech space, Applift has been focusing on detecting and preventing ad fraud. The partnership with Protected Media is a result of those efforts to proactively implement fraud protection measures and safeguard its global customer base from fraudulent traffic and app installs.

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