Join the AppLift Team: A Look Into Our Recruitment Process

AppLift is hiring new talents! You’ve looked at our website and found “that job” that really fits you? Do you want to know how we recruit our talents and prepare yourself for the interview process? Don’t stop reading this post!

We collected feedback from hiring managers and candidates, studied most known HR experts articles, and had intense brainstorm meetings (gulping down lots of coffee in the process!), and created a whole new way of doing recruitment. Our personalized recruitment policy not only creates a good experience for our Hiring Managers but also brings YOU a wholesome experience you were looking for.

Hopefully this new series on HR posts will prepare you for the process and equip you with the answers to some questions that can puzzle you when you are applying for a job.

The first blog post will be a step-by-step guide about our Recruitment process in general. What can you expect from us? Let’s dive into it.

Stay tuned for more insights into the Life at AppLift and check out the cool positions we are hiring in! To know more about what is really like to work for a fast-paced global company, follow the AppLift team behind the scenes on our Instagram page!

Applift’s HR team strives towards the goal of building a united and happy workforce. We are a team of twelve people globally, each working in one or more of the areas: Recruiting, Learning and Development, Administration, and Employer Branding. Together we take care of all current employees’ work processes and development, as well as searching for the next Applifters!