Anna Schmitt

<div class="col-md-9"> <span class="author_description_single_post">Anna is a Team Lead, Product Marketing at AppLift and is based out of our Berlin office. Aside from work, she is a passionate photographer who loves to travel and also write short stories. If you catch her in deep thought, she's probably either dreaming about her love for London or planning her next meal at an Asian restaurant!</span> </div>

A Walk in the Programmatic Park: 10 Steps to Setting Up a Successful Mobile RTB Campaign

With fall being in full blown mode and the trees shedding their colorful leaves, we’d like to take you on a walk in the park: the programmatic park that is. While this may not be as pretty a scenery to admire, the sights are still worthwhile when planning and executing your marketing activities with focus on success! We summed up the ten main steps to go through when planning out and executing a mobile programmatic campaign.

So let’s go for a stroll!