Aparna Sosale

<div class="col-md-9"> <span class="author_description_single_post">Aparna is the Product Marketing and Engagement Manager at Applift, working out of our Berlin office. With a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing, she is the ninja marketing our product to the industry. In her free time, you'll find her exploring the parks of Berlin and experimenting with new cuisines. Follow her on <a href="">LinkedIn.</a></span> </div>

A New Era Begins for AppLift India

After a long and arduous journey, AppLift finally opened its doors to a brand new office in the heart of India’s silicon valley – Bangalore. A vibrant city with some of the best tech talent in the world, the bustling city of Bangalore was a natural choice for AppLift to set up shop and further grow its India business. A week of festivities ensued with the opening of the new office – ranging from a learnup to an office warming party and finally, AppLift’s premier Datathon in India.