Kanika Upadhyay

Kanika Upadhyay

<div class="col-md-9"> <span class="author_description_single_post">Kanika is Head of Ad Quality at Applift. Her role involves designing ad approval processes and content guidelines for Ad Operations. She holds a masters degree in Business Management and has 6 years of experience in AdTech. Prior to her current role, she cut her teeth at InMobi Technologies as Ad Quality and Marketplace Quality Analyst.</span> </div>

​3 AdTech Horror Stories and What You Can Learn from Them

Kanika Upadhyay, Head of Ad Quality at AppLift, shares with us her wise words and lessons learned from over 6 years of experience in adtech:

From being an Ad Operations executive half a decade ago, back to leading a team of ad quality professionals, I have gathered many experiences both good and bad. Each one has been a learning which I shall never trade for anything else.

I have come across various functions and operations which always bask in the glory of how their product and engineering life cycles have evolved. I have met various vendors, all of them promising me best tools, proxy services and crowdsourcing. Their confident sales people have intimidated me with their terminologies, impressed me with techniques and, at times, surprised me with their pricing…

Why Robots Will Never Completely Replace Humans: A Deep-Dive Into the Work Of an Ad Quality Team

At AppLift Marketing, from time to time, we like to pass on the mic over to other employees in the company so they can provide insights about their specific fields of expertise. A few months ago, AppLift acquired mobile DSP Bidstalk and we fully integrated their team based in Singapore and India. Today, we turn to Kanika Upadhay, Head of Ad Quality, who gives her view on why robots will never completely replace humans for ad operations in general, and ad quality control in particular.