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Thomas Sommer

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Top 11 Mobile AdTech Predictions for 2016

Phew, what a year it was! Before we all start indulging in well-deserved end-of-year festivities, we thought it would be good to make a few bets on what lies in store for next year.

Here are our top 11 mobile adtech predictions for the year to come. We sorted them into three buckets, depending on their level of speculation.

Don’t agree with ook ne/some/any of them? We’d love to hear your conflicting opinion 🙂 Please use the comment section or send us an email directly to blog[at] and we will do a follow up blog post should we receive enough different viewpoints.

How Mobile Gaming’s Lessons Can Benefit All App Marketers

According to eMarketer, by 2016 mobile internet is poised to overtake desktop and reach $100 billion in ad spending. Very few businesses can turn their eyes away from the success of mobile as a platform these days. Whether it’s e-commerce, dating, entertainment, or lifestyle, all verticals are coming to the conclusion that, if they haven’t yet started taking mobile seriously, it’s about time they did.

If the rise of mobile followed the classic platform patterns, its development was pushed by an unusual vertical in the history of content platforms: gaming. Gaming apps were, without doubt, the first truly successful category on mobile and, it’s fair to say, games pioneered the industry and showed the way forward for all other verticals. Today, if mobile games no longer command the highest rank in the top free charts, they still take the crown in matters of in-app app store monetization as they fill most of the top-grossing positions.

With the experience comes the wisdom and there’s a lot everyone can gain from game publishers’ experience on the app stores. Here are the top 3 items all app publishers can learn from mobile gaming.

“Ad Blocking: A Better Internet Means Pushing the Equilibrium and Disrupting the Status Quo of Terrible Ads” Industry Exposed with Tim Schumacher, Chairman of Adblock Plus

The topic of ad blocking has known tremendous renewed interest since Apple announced and launched the functionality to block browser ads with iOS9. We took this opportunity to sit down with Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder and chairman of Eyeo GmbH, the company behind the World’s most widely used desktop ad blocker, Adblock Plus. Eyeo recently brought ad blocking to mobile and, given our position, we were obviously curious to ask Tim about his views on the consequences of ad blocking for the mobile advertising ecosystem.

AppLift and Smaato Talk Mobile Ad Fraud at DMEXCO 2015

Beyond business and pleasure, dmexco was the occasion to take up a serious topic within the mobile advertising industry: fraud. We took the opportunity to host a Work Lab together with mobile publisher platform Smaato. Our CEO Tim Koschella took the stage together with Smaato’s CEO Ragnar Kruse to offer their views and solutions on an issue plaguing the whole ecosystem.

Understanding Lifetime Value Is Crucial To Successful Mobile Marketing

Although the concept of customer lifetime value (LTV) for mobile users has gained a lot of attention in the past couple of years, there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstandings around both LTV’s definition and how it should be used for mobile campaigns. Let’s try and debunk the myths, set expectations straight and see how LTV can be effectively leveraged for mobile advertising.

Let’s start off with the reassuring feeling that a majority of players within the mobile industry are leveraging LTV for their user acquisition efforts, are thinking of doing it, or at the very least have heard of the term. This is partly due to a general shift in mentalities and expectations in the industry towards ROI-positive media buying, as we have now completely entered the third wave of mobile marketing. Mobile marketers now understand the value of having of having insights on what’s happening after the install, all along the user lifecycle, and how it impacts overall ROI down the line.

Asian Beat #8: Four Insights Into the Malaysian Mobile Games Market

Welcome to the eighth installment of our Asian Beat series! After Vietnam and Thailand, Malaysia is the third South-East Asian country to fall under our microscope.This time again, we teamed up with games research company Newzoo to explore this market. Malaysia is an interesting country, because it is extremely diverse culturally and linguistically. The Malaysian games market, and mobile in particular, is due to grow impressively in the years to come, which makes it a suitable destination to roll out your game in South-East Asia.Here are our top 4 insights into the Malaysian mobile games market!

Three Ways Machine Learning Is Helping Mobile Advertisers

Machine learning is probably one of the most hyped words of the last few years, and rather justifiably so. The field is currently the subject of widespread theoretical research, practical industrial implementations as well as a few distant fears (most of them being about robots killing all humans).

Machine learning is typically defined as “a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers with the ability to do certain tasks, such as recognition, diagnosis, planning, robot control, prediction, etc., without being explicitly programed. It focuses on the development of algorithms that can teach themselves to grow and change when exposed to new data.”How is machine learning used in our industry? We sat down with two data scientists from AppLift, Dr. Florian Hoppe and Bruno Wozniak, to understand how machine learning algorithms are currently helping mobile advertisers drive campaigns more efficiently and cost-effectively. We selected three use cases: Real-Time Bidding (RTB), lookalike targeting and user data enhancement.