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— 全球领先的移动应用营销平台AppLift,今天正式对外宣布收购Bidstalk公司,该公司是一家为媒体及广告主提供自动服务的白标移动及视频需求方(DSP)平台。 总部位于新加坡,同时其在印度的班加罗尔也设立有R&D中心。Bidstalk为营销人员提供购买RTB移动广告的独家程序化自动服务平台。通过本次收购,此举进一步促使AppLift成为全球注重效果的应用营销市场的先驱。

앱리프트, 모바일 DSP 비드스톡 인수

오늘 앱리프트가 DSP(Demand Side Platform)의 글로벌 선두주자인 비드스톡을 인수 한다는 소식을 전해드립니다. 비드스톡은 싱가폴에 본사를 두고, 인도 방갈로르(Bangalore)에 R&D 센터를 보유하고 있습니다. 이 기술로 모바일 마케터들은 셀프서브(Self-serve) 인터페이스에서 화이트 레벨(White-label) 방식으로 제공되는 실시간 경매 인벤토리를 구입할 수 있게 되고, 하루 40억 이상의 광고 노출이 가능한 DSP의 지원을 받게 됩니다.

Embracing a Programmatic Future: AppLift Acquires Mobile DSP Bidstalk

Today we are very excited to announce that AppLift has acquired Bidstalk, one of the world’s leading mobile demand side platforms (DSP). Bidstalk is headquartered in Singapore, with an additional R&D center in Bangalore, India. Its technology enables mobile marketers to buy RTB-traded inventory through a self-serve interface offered on a white-label basis and works with over 40 DSPs, including some of the biggest names in the RTB space, delivering over 40 billion impressions a day. – See more at:…

“Do Not Give Away the Driver’s Seat” Startup Advice from AppLift’s CEO

We already wrote about the main three mobile marketing trends from Mobile World Congress 2015. During a very hectic show, Laura Bolos from the Application Developers Alliance took the time to sit down and interview our CEO Tim Koschella. Tim talked about AppLift’s history, the reasons behind the extremely rapid growth as well as the very dynamic company culture of our company.Among Tim’s advice to startup founders:

As a founder you shouldn’t be giving away the driver’s seat of your company. Be in the driver seat, but also actively claim it.

Below is the video recording of the interview. Thanks to the ADA for the opportunity!

Top 10 Reasons Why AppLift is the Best Place to Supercharge Your Career

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in a thriving, creative and fast-paced start-up environment? Here at AppLift we are currently looking for candidates to fill over 30 positions across various departments and with different skill sets and levels.

Whether you are a recent university graduate with a business background, a top programer who possesses exceptional coding skills or have over 5 years experience in the mobile adtech industry and are looking for your next challenge, AppLift is the company for you.Here are the top 10 reasons why we think YOU would like to work with US!

App Reviews: 5 Steps to Optimize your Game’s App Store Presence

App reviews, ratings, referrals, social media endorsements and shares are all beneficial to highlighting the quality of your app or game to potential users browsing the app stores. But just how influential are app reviews, Facebook Likes and the like on click-to-install conversion rates and how can you encourage your players to review and Like your app or mobile game?

“Will China Rule the World of Gaming?” and More of the Latest in Mobile

What does the last two weeks in mobile look like? We interview Swrve’s CEO, PubNative talks about native advertising and a PG Connects panel talk about the console/mobile convergence. But there’s no denying it: China is the talk of the town right now when it comes to mobile games news. As well as an opinion piece about China’s booming growth, the last two weeks have also given us a WSJ interview with the Vice President of Tencent’s game business. Stay tuned also for our upcoming Asian Beat installment devoted to China!