Asian Beat #6: Five Insights Into the Thai Mobile Games Market

Welcome to the 6th instalment of the Asian Beat Series! After a stroll through Vietnam, we are now diving into a second South-East Asian country, Thailand. This time we benefit from the insights of games research company Newzoo. (Check out the other products of our fruitful collaboration: the Global Mobile Games Landscape as well as Mobile Games Marketing in Asia’s Big 3).

Although not the largest market in the region, Thailand should not be left out when considering the distribution of your mobile games in South-East Asia. Thailand is, after all, the largest market for games in South-East Asia with a 21% share and should hold the leader position until 2017.

Newzoo CEO Peter Warman confirms:

Thailand’s thriving games industry is a major force in the global market. Securing its place in the global top 20 countries, game revenues in Thailand will exceed $490 million in 2017. About 60% of these revenues will come from mobile, by far the fastest growing segment. With the still fast-rising (mobile) internet connectivity in the region, there is huge potential for continued growth, pointing to enormous opportunities for mobile developers.”

Here are our top five insights into the Thai mobile games market!

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Asian Mobile Games Markets: Top Insights from the Asian Beats Series

Asia Pacific is the world’s largest market for mobile games, presenting a big, though challenging, opportunity for games publishers worldwide. The specifics of the Asian mobile games market conditions and the trends in each of its countries and regions, South Korea, Japan, China and South East Asia, represent so much variation that it’s important for publishers to get to know each one before attempting to enter the Asian market.

Asian Beat #5: The Vietnamese Mobile Games Market, Welcome to Flappy Bird Land (Guest Post)

Welcome to the fifth instalment of our Asian Beat series! Having dived into South Korea (twice), made it big in Japan and scrutinized the behemoth Chinese market, we now move on to a smaller but extremely promising country: Vietnam. For this specific post we benefit from the insights of Anh Hoang Duc, analyst at Dynamo Partners and native of Hanoi.A couple of months ago Flappy Bird, an app developed by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese developer, roared out of the gates like no app before, leaving behind a mobile games industry flabbergasted by its sudden success. Flappy Bird put the Vietnamese mobile games market in the spotlight in the global developer community, and yet many of the country’s facts and figures are still not widely covered. This post aims at shedding some light on the Vietnamese mobile games market, which has many of the characteristics needed for mobile success: a young population who have grown up with smartphones and tablets as their primary internet touchpoint, widely spread internet penetration, and the booming number of smartphones.

Asian Beat #4: 4 Chinese Mobile Games Market Insights All Publishers Need to Know

Welcome to Asian Beat #4! Having talked about winning moves in South Korea and cracking Japan, we now move to the Chinese mobile games market.It’s no secret that the China is emerging as one of the most important mobile games markets this year. The forecasted figure for the number of Chinese mobile gamers in 2014 is 288 million, and this is predicted to rise to 770 million by 2018. China is hot on North America’s heels; according to a SuperData Research report from May of this year, the Chinese mobile games market is set to overtake the US and Japan to become the largest mobile games market in the world in 2015.

The Asian Beat #2: 5 Winning Moves for Mobile Games Advertisers in South Korea

Welcome to our second episode in our Asian Beat series!

South Korea is a mammoth opportunity for mobile game publishers. As we mentioned in the first episode of Asian Beat, South Korea’s domestic mobile gaming market reached $754 million in 2012.  Smartphone penetration stood at 73 percent (of the total population of 50 million South Koreans) last August, which is significantly higher than the US (56.4 percent), and second only to the not so far ahead United Arab Emirates (73.8 percent). With 61 percent of said smartphone users playing mobile games, and the total South Korean game market being worth $9.16 billion as of October last year (Japan’s figure stood at just over half of that at $4.6 billion), this can only mean good things for mobile games advertisers in terms of new user acquisition, as well as high retention rates and revenue –if campaigns are run effectively, with consideration paid to our best practices as set out below.

The Asian Beat: The South Korean Mobile Games Market, One of the Most Active In the World

Welcome to our first episode of our Asian Beat series!In this first issue we investigate the current state of the South Korean mobile games market. In particular, we look at the history of messaging app Kakao Talk as well as the reasons behind its incredible success. We also dive into the game trends, which have been rapidly evolving over the past couple of years.To begin with, a few facts and figures: