Interview Series

“Ad Blocking: A Better Internet Means Pushing the Equilibrium and Disrupting the Status Quo of Terrible Ads” Industry Exposed with Tim Schumacher, Chairman of Adblock Plus

The topic of ad blocking has known tremendous renewed interest since Apple announced and launched the functionality to block browser ads with iOS9. We took this opportunity to sit down with Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder and chairman of Eyeo GmbH, the company behind the World’s most widely used desktop ad blocker, Adblock Plus. Eyeo recently brought ad blocking to mobile and, given our position, we were obviously curious to ask Tim about his views on the consequences of ad blocking for the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Interview Exposed #22: adsquare “GeoData: Offline and Digital Will Be Bridged by Analyzing Real-World User Behavior and Linking It to Mobile Campaigns”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed Series! This time around, we interviewed Vincent Tessier, VP Demand Partnerships at adsquare. Vincent explains how advertisers need to leverage data to ensure that they are correctly targeting the right users through value-added campaigns, and stresses the importance of ‘geodata’, as frequently-visited places is a strong indication of user preferences, interests and intentions. Lastly, he explains the necessity of ‘privacy by design’ to ensure that only the necessary data is collected and protected.

Interview Exposed #20: Smaato: “A Publisher-Safe Ecosystem and Transparency Assures a Brand Against Fraudulent Traffic”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed series! In this edition, we have an interview with Ragnar Kruse, the CEO and Co-Founder of Smaato, on how they are trying to consolidate the supply ecosystem through their ‘super auction’ model, as well as how markets like China will blow the US out of the water for smartphone penetration and app usage. Lastly, we also touch upon the strongest developments in the mobile programmatic ecosystem from RTB to IAB.

Ragnar Kruse is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Smaato. As a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years experience in IT, Ragnar Kruse understands the unique challenges in bringing new technologies to market. He has built up several companies from inception to market launch in both the US and Europe.

모바일 애드테크의 현재와 미래

이번 블로그 포스팅에서는 모바일 DSP 비드스톡 (Bidstalk) 의 CEO이자 공동창업가인 바입하브 굽타(Vaibhav Gupta)의 인터뷰를 담아보려 합니다. 2015년 5월 비드스톡은 앱리프트에 인수되었으며 바입하브는 최고혁신책임자(CIO)로 앱리프트 경영진에 합류했습니다. 모든 인수 과정이 다 끝난 이 시점에 바입하브를 통해 모바일 프로그래매틱 광고의 현재 모습과 RTB의 미래에 대해서 이야기를 나누어 보았습니다.

광고 기술자이자 선구자인 바입하브는 광고주, 퍼블리셔, 에이전시를 위한 원스톱 화이트 레벨 RTB 솔루션 회사를 창업했습니다. 바입하브는 에어푸쉬(Airpush) 최고기술책임자(CTO)로서 모바일 광고 기술 혁신과 비즈니스 전략을 담당하였습니다. 바입하브는 Golive Mobile,, Cerner and Gete, e-com start-up 등 다수의 혁신적인 프로덕트를 공개했었습니다. 바입하브는 모바일 광고, 실시간 경매, 디스플레이 광고, 비즈니스 모델링과 분석의 지식 전문가입니다.

Industry Exposed #19: Bidstalk “Mobile Adtech Is Moving Towards Automation and Machine Buying, But It Is Also Increasing Entry Barriers”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed series! For this installment, we have an insider guest: Vaibhav Gupta, co-founder and CEO of mobile DSP Bidstalk. The company was acquired by AppLift in May 2015, and, since then, Vai joined the AppLift management team as Chief Innovation Officer, on top of his responsibilities at Bidstalk. After the dust of the acquisition settled, we took some time to sit down with Vai and talk about the current mobile programmatic advertising landscape, and what lies ahead for the world of RTB trading.

An advertising technologist and a trailblazer, Vaibhav, together with his team, is building Bidstalk to be the one-stop white labeled RTB solution for advertisers, publishers, and agencies. Earlier, he was CTO of the India Operations at Airpush, where he redefined mobile advertising with innovative technological practices and business strategy. He has set afloat various innovative products with Golive Mobile,, Cerner and Gete, an e-com start-up. Vaibhav is a knowledge specialist in mobile advertising, real-time bidding, display advertising, and business modeling & analytics. 

Industry Exposed #18: Tune “Data Privacy: To Deliver Relevant Ads to End Users, Advertisers Must Win the Trust Of Those End Users.”

Welcome back to our Mobile Industry Exposed Interview series! Data privacy and data security are becoming a high priority for the mobile marketing ecosystem. To get a better understanding of how it is changing the industry and what challenges lie ahead for advertisers, we spoke with Saira Nayak, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) at TUNE. Among other things, we discussed the difference between US and European privacy laws and the need for companies to gain the trust of end users through education and simplified disclosures.Saira is Chief Privacy Officer at TUNE, leading the company’s external outreach on privacy and data protection matters, and ensuring TUNE’s compliance with global privacy requirements.Saira, a San Francisco native, has over 15 years of legal experience in antitrust, intellectual property, privacy and data security matters. Before TUNE, she was Director of Policy at TRUSTe, where she defined the company’s external policy platform, and advised on TRUSTe’s privacy management solutions. Prior to TRUSTe, Saira worked in-house at the Microsoft Corporation, where she counseled product groups on compliance with Microsoft’s antitrust consent decree with the US government, as well as privacy and data security issues.Saira formerly served as Antitrust Counsel for the National Association of Attorneys General (“NAAG”) and worked with state Attorneys General and their staff on a number of antitrust and consumer protection investigations. She also practiced at Dickstein Shapiro (Washington, DC), where she counseled clients such as HBO, Pfizer, and the Recording Industry Association of America.

Industry Exposed #17: “Privacy By Design: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure”

Welcome back to our Mobile Industry Exposed interview series! Privacy is a paramount topic for us at AppLift, and, this time around, we spoke with  Christoph Bauer, CEO and founder of ePrivacy GmbH. We talked about the importance of data protection and privacy compliance. In particular, we touched upon the difference between US and European privacy laws, the need to respect consumers’ privacy, as well as the benefits of privacy by design for new products.

Christoph Bauer is the Founder and CEO of ePrivacy GmbH, which conducts certifications on data protection for digital products and companies and offers privacy related consulting. Among other things, ePrivacy runs the well-known ePrivacy seal in Germany and in the EU. Christoph Bauer has over 20 years of experience in the media industry as CFO and COO of larger companies such as AOL and Wunderloop, where he also developed the fields of data protection. He has substantive experience with data privacy seals, such as the ULD, EuroPriSe and ePrivacy seal which comply with the high standards of German and European data privacy regulations. He is an accredited auditor at ULD for the data privacy seal and for ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and teaches as Professor at the HSBA in Hamburg.

Industry Exposed #16: Localytics “A Brand’s Most Loyal Users Will Always Demand an App”

Welcome back to our Mobile Industry Exposed interview series! This time we had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Suthoff, co-founder and CSO of Localytics, to discuss the benefits of using marketing technologies on mobile as well as the importance of nurturing your user base and pampering your most loyal users. We also touched upon the value of app metrics and analytics for real-time remarketing.

Brian Suthoff is a Localytics Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, overseeing strategic alliance partners and long term platform strategy. Brian has been working in mobile since 2000 in a diverse range of technology companies, including data networking, performance management, and advertising. Before Localytics, Brian held senior roles in Business Development and Product Management at startups and Fortune 1000 companies, such as Third Screen Media (now AOL), Alcatel, Newbridge Networks, and Sprint. Brian has an MBA from The George Washington University School of Business and earned his B.S. in Business Administration from Rockhurst University.