Interview Series

Industry Exposed #15: Apptentive “Customer Acquisition Is Only Half the Battle; The Real Challenge is Retention”

Welcome back to our Industry Exposed series where we speak with professionals from the mobile marketing landcape to get first hand in-depth knowledge. This time we spoke with Robi Ganguly, co-founder and CEO of Apptentive, about the misconception of focusing on customer acquisition versus retention, the value in ratings and reviews and demand for data-driven mobile marketing.

Industry Exposed #14: Paddle “Fingerprint Sensors Will Really Help m-Commerce Take Off”

Welcome back to our Mobile Industry Exposed interview series! This time we spoke with Christian Owens, founder and CEO of Paddle, about the importance of creating your monetization strategy taking into account your user. He also touched upon ways to fight m-commerce cart abandonment and explained the direct value of measuring in-app metrics such as location, device and OS version.Christian Owens is the Founder & CEO of Paddle makes it incredibly simple for developers to sell & manage their apps from a single dashboard, with a range of tools for payments, analytics and more.

Industry Exposed #13: AppsBuilder: “App Store Submission: Do Your Homework”

Welcome back to our Mobile Industry Exposed Interview. This week we sat down with Daniele Pelleri co-founder and CEO of AppsBuilder, to discuss the need for programmatic platforms to improve monetization, innovation for acquisition and the importance of proper planning before app store submission as well as during and after you have launched your app.

Daniele is the Co-Founder and CEO of AppsBuilder, a professional, easy to use app development platform that empowers marketers to build powerful apps at their desk. Keen on computer engineering and the Internet industry from a young age, Daniele has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, and set up his first web marketing agency when he was 22 years old. At the helm of AppsBuilder since 2011, his vision was to develop an app building software that eliminates the need for complex technical knowledge or coding, and reduces go-to-market time. In 4 short year, AppsBuilder has become the resource-light solution for any business or brand looking to deploy a native app. Sign up for a free trial or find out more at 

Industry Exposed #12: appFigures “There is no place for a new app store that isn’t owned by an OS or a hardware maker”

Welcome to our Mobile Industry Exposed interview series! This time we spoke with Ariel Michaeli, co-founder and CEO of appFigures, about entering the Asian markets, taking into account more than mere app localization, the future of app stores as well as the new trends shaping the mobile marketing industry!Ariel has been building platforms and turning them into companies since graduating high school in 2002. appFigures is the 9th start-up founded with his brother, and he’s been CEO for all companies. Before founding appFigures with his brother, Oz, Ariel and Oz ran an interactive agency responsible for the creation of web-based video games for leading brands. In late 2008, they found app development was a huge potential for new business growth. Because the industry lacked business tools at that time, Ariel and Oz built what they needed – an app store intelligence platform. In 2009, appFigures was launched and later that year, Ariel moved all of his focus to appFigures.

Industry Exposed #11: Tapdaq “Mobile Discoverability Has Been Moving Extremely Fast”

Welcome back to the 11th episode of our Mobile Industry Exposed interview series! This time, we interviewed Ted Nash, co-founder and CEO of Tapdaq, about the importance of app store optimization, discoverability and the trends in mobile marketing for 2015 and beyond.Ted is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating online companies from the age of 12. Having raised his first round of funding from a group of angel investors in the UK, he became the first teenager in the world to achieve 1,000,000 App Store downloads.Ted has built many businesses, his latest being Tapdaq, a direct mobile advertising marketplace.Ted was recognized in the prestigious Forbes magazine, as one of the 30 Under 30’s for his work on Tapdaq and, in March 2015, became ‘Global Mobile Innovator Of The Year’ at the Mobile World Congress.Read our interview with Ted to learn more about discoverability in the app stores, the future of apps and the mobile trends that will be shaping the industry in 2015.

Industry Exposed #10: Priori Data “To Say That App Store Revenue Is Skewed Is an Understatement”

To start off 2015 on the right foot, welcome to the 10th episode of our Industry Exposed series! For this first blog post of the year, we interviewed Patrick Kane, Founder and CEO of app store analytics company Priori Data. Read on as we dig into app store revenue and download distribution, the current state of category trends, and much more!

모바일 산업 리포트: 앱 아이리스 “모바일 리타겟팅이 중요한 과제를 해결한다”

모바일 산업 리포트 시리즈의 9번째 인터뷰에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 이번에 우리는 HitFox 기업 산하의 동료회사인 앱아이리스(appiris)의 공동 설립자 Hugo Gersanois와 모바일 리타겟팅, 고객 평생 가치 (LTV), 모바일 트렌드 등에 대해 이야기를 나누었습니다.