Mobile Marketing Trends

It’s Time to Get Personal with Your Players

A recent study by Localytics found that app users are increasingly demanding personalization. They don’t want the same, generic experience as the next person. App users are demanding more personalized content and messages, tailored to their specific behavior, location and intentions. What they want is to feel special. What they want is a relationship.

The truth is you are in a relationship with your players. And yes, it may seem like all they want to do is have fun, not appreciating how hard you work to provide for them. But if you can prove that you are trustworthy, you’ll earn their retained love and engagement.

How do you build trust with your players? A good place to start is through honesty, respect, empathy and communication. Just be careful: Once lost, it can be difficult to earn back.

7 Hot Mobile Engagement Trends for 2016

We are at a point in history where mobile is intertwined with our everyday activities. Whether you are using your mobile to send a quick Whatsapp message to your friend or to check the live train/bus times, most people do not go anywhere without their phones.

Growth in mobile commerce is unstoppable. In fact, according to a Criterio report in Q2, U.S. mCommerce passed 30 % share. Users are spending more and more time on their mobiles with mobile usage accounting for 62 % of digital time spent and app activity holding 54 %. So how will this play through to 2016? What can we expect to develop in regards to mobile engagement?

Top 11 Mobile AdTech Predictions for 2016

Phew, what a year it was! Before we all start indulging in well-deserved end-of-year festivities, we thought it would be good to make a few bets on what lies in store for next year.

Here are our top 11 mobile adtech predictions for the year to come. We sorted them into three buckets, depending on their level of speculation.

Don’t agree with ook ne/some/any of them? We’d love to hear your conflicting opinion 🙂 Please use the comment section or send us an email directly to blog[at] and we will do a follow up blog post should we receive enough different viewpoints.

​iOS9: 3 New Opportunities for App Developers

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS9, was introduced at the annual Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Keynote, held on June 8 in San Francisco.

Since the general launch in September, we’ve observed an impressively quick adoption rate: there are now more than 67% of devices that are running on iOS9. Surprisingly enough, iOS9 is also supported on “older” devices such as the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

Although iOS9 is not significantly different from iOS8, we must admit that several of its new features and enhancements to stock applications are reshaping users behaviors within their device, which is becoming increasingly intelligent.

Indeed, throughout this release, Apple sought to integrate intelligence on its new OS to get closer to its users and learn about their habits and preferences. The whole point is to simplify the users’ daily routine and everyday tasks by providing with intelligent and contextual responses.

Many improvements were therefore brought to Siri, Search, Apple Pay, Maps and more. As stated on Apple’s official website, “the more you do with iOS 9, the more you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.”

These new changes represent new opportunities to app developers and app marketers who should have by now already iterated their app marketing and App Store Optimization strategy accordingly. Indeed, iOS9 has definitely impacted the way apps are searched, found and displayed, especially thanks to deep linking technology.