Mobile Marketing Trends

Travel Apps: The World of Travel in Mobile [Infographic]

Digital travel sales is a $450 billion market worldwide (2014 figures by eMarketer). By 2017, 30% of travel sales in the United States will be generated through a mobile device (Statista). By 2018, mobile travel researchers will account for 71.3% of digital travel researchers in the US (eMarketer). Today already, 47% of travelers start planning a trip on a smartphone. Travel apps are, increasingly, where the purchase intent starts.To explore the huge travel opportunity on mobile, we teamed up with app store analytics company Priori Data and brought you an overview of the travel app category.

The Global App Opportunity in Mobile Performance Advertising

Revenues from mobile app installs ads are booming and the global app opportunity is getting much harder to ignore. Until recently, a large portion of the app marketing business was driven by the players at the forefront of marketing and advertising technologies, namely the larger game publishers. This phenomenon was mainly due to the category’s attractiveness to consumers and the high revenue potential of free-to-play micropayment-based business models.However, today we’re seeing an increasing market opportunity for apps outside of the gaming vertical. Transaction-based business models such as eCommerce and classifieds are skyrocketing on mobile and sometimes even leapfrogging desktop in certain mobile-first economies.

3 Mobile Marketing Trends from MWC 2015

Last week saw one of the largest and most awaited mobile events take Barcelona by storm. Traditionally, MWC has mostly been about power display from the larger players (leading some to ask, is it too big?) as well as hardware product launches. However, today the show is no longer solely about hardware and, as testified by the success of the App Planet pavilion, service and technology providers are playing an increasingly important part on the event.Here are our three mobile marketing takeaways from MWC 2015.

How Ad Innovation Is Driving Forward the Mobile Industry

However popular and hyped mobile advertising has become, the truth is that, as a platform and a practice, it is still in its infancy. Advertisers are always looking for innovative ways to communicate in engaging ways while publishers are in desperate need for better tools to integrate ads in ways that optimize monetization without hurting the user experience.The good news is, mobile technologies are constantly innovating, inventing and adding new features in order to improve the ad experience. To leverage these new technologies, “ad innovation labs”, teams dedicated to inventing and creating ever-more engaging and performing ad formats, are playing an increasingly bigger role.Drawing from our own experience at AppLift, here’s how ad innovation is changing our industry and benefiting all its stakeholders.