Defining the Next Wave: Mobile Advertising in Southeast Asia

If you have been following the Applift blog, you would have read our series on “Emerging Mobile Markets,” where we focused on and traced the growth of app economies in the BRIC countries as well as Vietnam.

Emerging economies are creating vast opportunities for app advertisers, opening up channels for growth and monetization. There’s a next wave of emerging economies that are defining the trajectory of app economies, and Southeast Asia is leading this trend, emerging as the world’s fastest-growing internet region. With increasing accessibility of smartphones, mobile internet consumption is on the rise. The digital economy of the region is growing at a steady rate, with projected figures of reaching $200 billion by 2025. The rise of the app economy has already seen mobile advertising boom in countries like Singapore and Indonesia.

With Vietnam and Thailand making their mark in the world of apps, there is an untapped opportunity for performance marketers and businesses to reach and connect with new audiences.

From apps in ride-hailing, food delivery, hotel bookings and ecommerce already gaining popularity among users, the app market in Southeast Asia is at its greatest potential in the world.

Applift opened an office in Jakarta in 2017 to help advertisers tap into the booming market. We have seen the market grow from leaps and bounds. Now, as we look to expand and develop our business further in the region, we thought it’s a good time to take our readers on a journey across the region and dig into the Southeast Asian mobile market.

Afla Zulfahmi, Head of Southeast Asia, says, “More than 80% of users in the region’s top markets — Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand – spend their time in-app. With the consumption habits leaning heavily towards in-app, mobile app marketers are getting focused on acquiring users, as well as on post-install engagement. Advertisers wanting to hit gold must understand how to allocate resources to campaigns that are designed to drive app installs and engagement in the region, and work with partners with experience in targeting users that can convert into customers.”

Check out our latest infographic to:

  • Get an overview of the Southeast Asian countries and their smartphone penetration
  • Know what are the key drivers in online media in the region
  • Find out the most popular apps and categories on Apple and Google Play Store

Download the infographic to learn more about the region and start your app success story, and get in touch with us to know how Applift can help with your goals!

Diksha is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at AppLift and is based out of our Bangalore office. When she is not behind her computer writing, you can find her binge watching her favorite movies, finding her happy place at a dance studio, and checking off places on her bucket list.