[ebook] Combating Mobile Ad Fraud

Mobile ad fraud ebookAd fraud is ubiquitous on mobile and continues to attract attention and discussions within the industry. TrafficGuard/Juniper set the total cost of ad fraud at $34 billion in 2019, compared to $16 .4 billion back in 2017 according to Business Insider. 21.3% of iOS app and 26.9% of Android app installs are fraudulent, accordin to Interceptd. These are some serious figures.

One thing is certain – the scale and sophistication of ad fraud has continued to grow since mobile advertising picked up in 2012. Ad fraud is pervasive at various levels, with fraudsters continuously finding new, sophisticated methods to cheat the system.

Applift has a long history of efforts in detecting and preventing ad fraud. Our latest study will:

  • Explain the challenges of different fraud patterns
  • Illustrate key heuristics for fraud detection and prevention
  • Provide concrete guidance for designing and executing fraud-fighting measures

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