Between €5 Bottled Water and 40,000 Steps Lies the Greatest Mobile Show on Earth

It’s that time of the year again when tech giants from all over will gather in Barcelona and set the trends for the coming year. Mobile World Congress (MWC) is undoubtedly the greatest mobile show on earth: it’s noisy, colorful, exciting, tiring, techy, and geeky! In between all the exhibitions and talks, there’s also the amazing after-show parties packed with sensory overload! And by the end of the conference, your fitness tracker might well clock 40,000 steps, powered by a lousy sandwich and a €5 bottled water, as you survive with unlimited packs of paracetamol and hand sanitizers!

Feeling overwhelmed? We are here to help!

Tune in to hear from Uzi Blum, VP Technologies at Applift, on how he plans to structure his day at the conference, and his best tips that MWC first-timers can borrow!

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