Battling the Duopoly in the Age of CCPA: Key Takeaways from the Kochava Mobile Summit

Snow capped mountains, pristine countryside and not a soul in sight for miles – an unusual setting for an industry event, but our good friends at Kochava draw in the best of the best every year to this idyllic setting in Sandpoint, Idaho (their HQ) for a 3-day exclusive mobile summit

This year, Applift CEO, Maor Sadra, was on stage with Charles Manning (CEO, Kochava), Dallas Lawrence (Advisor, Samba TV) and Jordi de los Pinos (Co-founder and CEO, SMADEX) to discuss the next issues coming up in ad tech. 

Applift at Kochava Mobile Summit 2020

The death of cookies

With Google’s plans to ‘phase out’ third-party cookies in Chrome within 2 years, the disappearance of IDFA is considered as the next coming reality. The death of cookies will adversely impact third-party retargeters, while mobile/ digital OOH/ connected devices will move towards a user graph for measuring attribution. Kochava has launched a user graph on their Collective marketplace (a data warehouse for first-party data from the Kochava Free Attribution SDK). This comes in handy as marketers are increasingly looking to evaluate cross-device LTV. Platforms with access to valuable first-party data come out victorious. 

The duopolies continue to reign – for now

There was almost a uniform concern about the duopoly (Facebook and Google) being too powerful, with their self-attributing and, in certain cases, over-attributing practices, including Google and Facebook taking credit for organic and paid marketing attribution. This led to an open discussion on utilizing de-duplicated data against over-crediting the duopoly.

Subscription services

Subscription has grown to be one of the main monetization solutions for advertisers, with many using push notifications and household attribution and targeting to divert users to open subscriptions outside of the app store to avoid the 30% App Store tax.

The rise of the smart marketer

With the increase in AI technology, marketers are moving towards fully automated solutions for decision making. This frees up marketers to look into aspects of marketing beyond just purchasing media. An increased focus on product and business intelligence is now defining the era of the smart marketer.

However, there’s still one thing humans can do better than machines – design. Creativity is yet to be automated (fully), which app developers recognize considering they’re hiring more creatives than ever before.

The elephant in the room – CCPA

Increased regulation is here to stay, however, the law will evolve. The CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act), a state-wide regulation that creates new consumer rights pertaining to the access, deletion and sharing of personal information by businesses, went into effect on January 1st of this year and is a current hot topic in the industry. A version of the CCPA is expected to go federal (i.e. across USA), and companies should focus on mapping every data flow to reduce the risk of litigation in case of requests for deletion of data. 

That’s a wrap for 2020. Until next time!

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