New Advertiser Portal Puts All Campaign Data in One Place

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Applift rolls out new advertiser portal

Navigating through all your campaigns and making sense of the myriad of data can be challenging. With Applift’s new Advertiser Portal, this is one less thing for performance marketers to worry about, by providing campaign data at a glance.

The Advertiser Portal enables advertisers to easily keep tabs on the performance of all campaigns running via Applift based on the set KPIs.

The data displayed on the dashboard is based on campaign figures provided by Mobile Measurement Partners (or MMPs). This reflects a more accurate representation of all campaign performance and helps advertisers track data across different partners more efficiently. 

This is a progressive tool that will give full visibility into traffic sources and mutually help Applift, alongside our clients, to take decisions together while making sure to stay on track meeting clients business goals. 


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Three sections to track data and campaigns

  • Basic metrics – See the clicks, conversions, spend and distribution of traffic sources which run your campaigns in a clean scorecard style widget display. 
  • Optimizations – Part of the “secret sauce” of Applift is how we continuously optimize the campaigns. Advertisers now have a clear overview of the different measures taken by the Applift platform and 3rd party tools to combat fraud, ultimately improving traffic quality. 
  • Campaign goals – Track alignment between campaign goals and achieved results. The campaign strategy team and client can track and manage specific KPIs to hit the campaign goals.

With this initial release, we are excited to provide advertisers the opportunity to have a holistic overview of their campaigns. Users can select to view by specific time zone, providing localized versions of the platform. This further strengthens accessibility for our global clients.

This is just the start…

With this initial release, we are excited to provide advertisers the opportunity to get a holistic overview of their campaigns. Future releases in the upcoming months will focus on enhancing transparency and insights.

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