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iOS 14 Impact: Prepare for the Hit With Our Assessment Calculator

Originally published on Apple’s iOS 14 update brings with it much uncertainty within the mobile advertising ecosystem. The shift towards more privacy-centered advertising has been coming for

A Guide to Mobile Game Marketing

Mobile gaming is having an incredible year. Powered by changing demographics, developing markets, and locked-down masses flocking to casual gaming, mobile game revenues are set to reach $100 billion

iOS 14 Resources to Help You Navigate the Changes

Originally published on Be Prepared With These iOS 14 Resources  With the dusk of the IDFA arriving with iOS 14, the industry has recently been flooded with an

View-Through Attribution – Why Is It Important?

The impact of ad impressions in the app ecosystem remains largely as a blackbox subjecting advertisers to estimation and guesswork as to the results of their advertising budgets. The

iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork: Redefining User Acquisition As We Know It

Originally published on Apple has released a slew of privacy announcements with major ramifications for app developers affecting the whole mobile advertising industry. How does this impact performance

Tackling IDFA Opt-Out With Contextual and Behavioral Targeting

Originally published on In our recent article we talked about how iOS 14 and the opt-out by default of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) will affect publishers and how they can

Publisher Guide: Preparing Your App for iOS 14

Originally published on The official launch date of Apple’s iOS 14 update is yet to be announced but can be expected sometime in September. With major privacy changes fast

The Sunset of the IDFA and the Dawn of Privacy-First Advertising

This article was first published on Medium. In the last few weeks, there has been a considerable buzz around Apple’s IDFA announcement with myriads of articles predicting the apocalypse, death, or similar doom

How to Best Re-Engage App Customers to Increase LTV

Ready to retarget and re-engage? Growing an app is a holistic process. Having a well-defined, paid user-acquisition strategy is crucial but marks just one puzzle piece among many. A

Verve Group Insights: The Impact of COVID-19 on Mobile Advertising

PubNative released a report back in April on the impact of COVID-19 on mobile ad spend from before the outbreak until March, looking at behavioral changes during different phases of the

Keep on Trackin’ – Post-Install Conversion Tracking for Successful Customer Acquisition and Retention

Unlike other marketing metrics, conversions have the ability to prove success or failure beyond reasonable doubt, allowing marketers to determine which strategies are providing the best results. With this

Applift and Verve Group’s Global Growth Continues with a Six-Country Expansion

Applift and Verve Group are proud to announce the launch of operations in a number of new countries - Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Mexico, Poland and Turkey. The expansion,

Increasing App Ad ROAS by Optimizing Your App Store Listing

Paid advertising is an effective way to boost brand awareness and app downloads. App ads come in all different shapes and sizes. You can run Apple Search Ads and

How should app marketers go about increasing their customers’ LTV?

When it comes to life-time value (LTV) there is much that marketers agree on. It is the cornerstone of marketing performance, and it should never be surpassed by cost-of-acquisition

Beyond the Walled Gardens: Creating a Fairer Ad Tech Ecosystem

The largest ad networks in existence are self-attributing - they perform attribution on their network independently without the need for third-party trackers. This lack of transparency has led them

App Advertisers Need Branding. Here’s Why.

Key Takeaways: App advertisers focus too much on user acquisition campaigns which only represent the last stages of the customer journey. They therefore limit their growth potential by missing

Is Location-Based Marketing Still a Lucrative Option for Mobile Marketers?

Advertisers will spend $35.5B on location-based marketing by the end of the year in the US alone, EMarketer predicts. By 2021 it will account for 45% of total ad

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Programmatic Advertising

Following the popularity of our Beginner’s Guide to In-app Advertising and Adtech Acronyms, we have assembled the ABC’s of mobile programmatic advertising. It should be useful for those just