The new app economy: a fast-track to Freemium Town

First things first: we're wishing you a happy, successful and (let's make it) fun year ahead!A couple of days ago we announced that we were going to increase the

2013, bring it on!

Hi there!It's been some time since our last post, when we announced the launch of HitFox Game Ventures (now HitFox Group). A lot has happened in 6 months. Since

“Being the worlds leading mobile mobile marketing platform focused only on games, AppLift meets a growing demand and will most likely find media partners and game publishers ready to


“AppLift sieht sich selbst als weltweit erster nur auf Mobile-Games ausgerichtete Marketing Platform. Game-Publisher sollen von dem Netzwerk aus “Game-Media Partners” profitieren, die neue mobile Spieler zu Fixpreisen (…)


“For publishers, the start-up company says it will provide benefits via two main lines of fire: no fixed costs for the acquisition of new customers, and a target group

HitFox launches world’s first incubator for game distribution business models.

The successful Berlin-based start-up HitFox leaps into the next phase. Serial entrepreneurs Jan Beckers, Tim Koschella, Ruben Haas and Hanno Fichtner founded HitFox Game Ventures, the world’s first vertical