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How to Increase Mobile App User Retention and Engagement

Marketers are finding life a bit, shall we say, tricky at the moment - and a lot of this is down to mobile users. Mobile usage is on the

An Open Letter to the Industry: Why We Rebranded to Introduce Mobile Journey Advertising

Applift’s journey is that of a pioneer and a game-changer. When we started back in 2012, our efforts were focused on the needs of the app advertisers and from

We’ve Rebranded! Announcing Mobile Journey Advertising Solution for Advertisers

We are excited to announce that Applift has strengthened its brand under the tagline "True Mobile Performance" in support of our new solution, Mobile Journey Advertising, focused on performance-centric

Rewarded Ads: Let’s Talk Visibility of Your Campaign Performance

In our previous blog,The Guide to Setting Up CPA Campaigns for Rewarded Ads, we provided insights on why a sustained CPA campaign is beneficial. Performance and pricing are one

Whitepaper: Make Your Retargeting Partnership a Success

In order to reach and convert their users today, advertisers have to reach out to them where they are; and statistics show that this is increasingly their mobile devices,

Life at Applift: Applifters After Hours

If you are following Applift on Instagram, by now you probably know better about us — you will find us in action at events, working on innovations and building

Video Recap: Applift at Tune’s Postback 2018

Mobile-first world is no longer a part of fiction — users depend on mobile beyond its function of taking and making calls, but also to facilitate daily tasks and

UA and Retargeting: Why a Holistic Approach Matters Right from the Start

Let’s take a look at the average of websites vs apps: where the average age of the top global websites is 18 years old, that of the top apps

What Does the Future Hold for Augmented Reality and Voice-Search

Augmented Reality was no more than just a figment of the human imagination a decade ago. Fast forward to today, mobile apps are drifting towards heavy use of Augmented

How to Set Up Audience Segmentation for Retargeting

If, as an advertiser, the performance (or the lack of it) of your retargeting campaign is keeping you awake at night, then it might be worth to pause and

The Guide to Setting Up CPA Campaigns for Rewarded Ads

For app advertisers, looking for performance-based campaigns, it can get overwhelming to balance the right cost with maximum value. With 63% app customers browsing in the app store to

5 Ways in Which Apple’s App Store Changed the World of Apps, As We Know It

This week is a milestone for Apple as it celebrates 10 years of the App Store. On July 10, 2008, Apple launched its App Store, changing the landscape of

Mobile Advertising in a Post-GDPR World: The 40-Day Analysis

It’s been over a month since the GDPR came into force, and yet, the practical implementation of the law in ad tech companies (and beyond) still raises a lot

Applift Thought Series: Attribution is Nice, But Who’s Taking Responsibility for Validation?

This article was first published on Ad Exchanger. If attribution is the commodity, shouldn’t anti-attribution-fraud measures be baked into offerings rather than billed as an add-on product? Credit card

Life at Applift: What Makes Us Unique? Applifters Tell the Tale!

As a truly global company, Applifters are unique in their own way, coming from over 35 nationalities spread over 4 continents! We are diverse and we consider it to

How App Advertisers Can Make the Most of FIFA Football World Cup

Earlier this year, the digital world reached a crucial juncture regarding internet usage. According to the latest Mary Meeker’s report, there are around 3.6 billion people connected to one

3 LatAm Mobile Marketing Trends That Have Us Excited for This Region in 2018

Just about 3 years ago, if one were to write about the mobile space in Latin America, particularly Brazil, they would have found the scenario to be much different

How to Benefit from Dynamic Retargeting

The idea of mobile retargeting ties into re-engaging with specific segments of users — who are interacting at different degrees with the mobile app/product. This is the concept of