Reflecting on Rewarded Ads in 2018

rewarded ad trends

It’s that time of the year again when holiday cheer is in the air and it’s also the perfect opportunity to look back at the main trends in the industry in the past year to start strategizing for 2019.

2018 was interesting in the rewarded traffic sphere with a lot of changes in the market. Our Rewarded Ads team reflects at the key trends and opportunities in this space.

The popularity of both rewarded ads and rewarded video has been on a surge this past year. However, as the industry misconception on the concepts still prevails, we started by understanding the difference between these two. As we move to the new year, we can expect both these channels to be used to maximize user acquisition.

Another key trend that we saw was that with the industry moving towards more action-based payouts, and increasingly using CPA as a preferred method for performance advertisers who are focused on true results. On the rewarded ads side, too, we saw a lot more CPA sustained campaigns than CPI ranking bursts.

This is an anticipated shift as the ranking algorithm on both iOS and Android becomes stricter and more optimized, but also the advertiser’s natural need to gain quality conversions. Setting up CPA campaigns for rewarded ads don’t have to be complicated. Check out our guide to learn more.

Another interesting observation was around the sustained campaigns: whereas sustained campaigns are usually run over shorter timeframes of 2-4 weeks, we saw campaigns that ran sustained for more than 10 months offered, showcasing the advertisers want a consistent amount of conversions on a particular event to maximize ROAS.

We also expect to see a growth in popularity of Keyword Search in rewarded traffic, which would allow apps to rank better for a specific keyword, boosting organic downloads. As the popularity of this type of rewarded ad grows we can expect to see a higher conversion rate, adoption, and support for this format.

Finally, industry fraud has been a major topic. While the improvement in fraud tools can go long in detecting in preventing fraud, we see that as we evolve towards performance-focused pricing, the amount of fraud for rewarded traffic is minimal.

Stay tuned and come back in the new year as we focus on more key topics in the rewarded ad space in 2019!

Anica is a Product Manager, based in the Berlin Office. When she is not in the office, you will find her either sketching or reading, preferably with a giant mug of tea wherever there is a sunspot.