Introducing Site Transparency on the Advertiser Portal

The Advertiser Portal, which allows advertisers to easily keep tabs on the performance of all campaigns running via Applift, now has a new feature to improve visibility into ad placements through trust, validation and insight. 

With the release of Site Transparency, advertisers can view exactly where their ads are displayed – i.e. on which app or website.

Site transparency on the advertiser portal

How does it benefit advertisers?

  • Trust through transparency: The more information there is about a conversion, the more likely it is real (and not fraudulent).
  • Validation of blacklist or whitelists: Ensuring that the rules set by you do not display the ad on certain apps.
  • Granular insight: Benefit from information about which sites or category perform better to improve your marketing strategy, business goals, and even your product!

How does it work?

Our advertisers enjoy working with hundreds of publishers, and as such, each publisher collects data in a different format. To allow the end user to view a unified single site name, we use an advanced technique of text analytics to match and display sites as they appear in the App Store and Google Play Store. The final output includes the app name, bundle ID and preview URL.

Once there is a match to an app, different attributes such as app category, app name, app icon, rating and more, can further enrich the data.

Site Transparency on the Advertiser Portal marks a shift in our concentrated effort to provide visibility into your campaigns and to make sure that you’re acquiring real customers. It’s no longer just about numbers and graphs. Now, you can access real, actionable data anytime to improve the way you engage with your customers over their lifetime. 

Top App Categories App Store
Top app categories where an ad is displayed – App Store

Top App Categories Play Store
Top app categories where an ad is displayed – Play Store

To access Site Transparency on the Advertiser Portal, reach out to your Applift Account Manager today. 

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