Attract Betting Customers at the Right Time and Place

With the online betting and gambling industry expected to grow by a CAGR of 11% and be worth US $94 billion in 2024, there’s a huge opportunity for marketers to run user acquisition campaigns in this niche industry.

A top sports betting brand recently partnered with Applift over a 10 month period to increase their user base. The results provided key insights on user behavior during periods when there were huge sporting events vs. off-season periods.

Running campaigns specifically targeting sports fans around the time of major events will significantly increase user acquisition results. A 200% increase is seen when compared to running off-season campaigns.


Increase in user acquisition during major sports events
The number of users acquired via new registrations nearly doubled during major sports events when compared to periods with no major sports events.


The rise in volumes is attributed to users who are highly engaged during big sporting events – for e.g. the FIFA World Cup and the Cheltenham Horse Race.

To strengthen the analysis, we matched this data with search trends observed on Google. Taking the Cheltenham Horse Race in March as an example, the trends point toward a slow but steady uptick in interest in the term ‘Cheltenham’ 3 days prior to the race. During the race, there’s a huge spike in search volumes, and then a drop-off right after the race as the hype dies down.


Search trends for 'Cheltenham'
Search trends for ‘Cheltenham’

What does this mean for you as an advertiser?

  1. By starting campaigns in the days leading up to a major sporting event, instead of on the day of the event, make the most of the excitement in the build up to an event. This is applicable not only for betting brands but also other seasonal trends (such as the Olympics or Holidays).
  2. UA campaigns during peak sporting season (or other relevant events) capture users’ attention when they’re in a favorable mindset to be influenced, leading to better re-engagement with these acquired customers. 

Applift Case Study

Following this strategy, our partnership with the sports betting brand Brought in 10,000 new customers and saw an increase of up to 2x in user acquisition during the sporting season.

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Sports Betting Calendar

And here’s a bonus! A calendar of all major sporting events to help you start planning timely campaigns today (and beat competition).

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Based in our Berlin office, Aparna leads the marketing team at Applift.