Video Ads Continue to Gain on Prominence in Performance Marketing – You Should Capitalize on That

Along with native ads, video ads are dominating the performance advertising landscape. There is a good reason for that. Video ads achieve fantastic click-through rates (CTR) and conversion rates (CR) for your online ad campaigns. In the industry that is driven by performance, it is no wonder affiliate video ads are gaining popularity year after year. 

Performance and Affiliate Video Ads Yield Conversions 

To understand the effectiveness of affiliate video ads, we need to briefly examine online video in general. The latest data shows we upload more video content in one month than any TV network has created in the past thirty years. Consequently, it is completely understandable video is the most consumed online content type across mobile and desktop. With the rise of TikTok, a platform used to create short-form videos, social media giants had also taken note. Take Twitter for example. The platform – designed for sharing thoughts in a form of a short text message – is seeing a major increase in video consumption. Furthermore, over 66% of mobile data is used on video apps. 

Affiliate video ads are a great medium to keep your audience engaged and increase conversions. For this reason, almost 100% of marketers who are using video ads in their media mix, will continue to do so in 2021. There is no denying video is on the rise. Globally, video ads generated $26.2b revenue in 2020 – that means 16.3% year-on-year growth. 

How to Catch Viewers Attention With Video Ads 

As video usage continues to rise, the ad format keeps on evolving. Accustomed to watching short and long-form videos daily, online viewers have a critical eye, so your ad needs to impress. Think for yourself – how many videos have you watched today and why? What made one stand out, why did it catch one catch attention? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, we examine the latest trends that are bound to catch your audience’s eye. 

The Latest Video Advertising Trends 

  • We are spending more time at home than we used to, thanks to the pandemic. This fact paved the way for the increased popularity of educational and online training videos. 
  • Have you tried the latest Snapchat filter? The AR and VR market has reached $18.8b in 2020. Creating that mesmerising experience is getting more and more accessible, hence if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now is the time.  
  • It’s all about convenience. When you convince the viewer to buy your product, they demand streamlined shopping UX. Shoppable videos, where user can reach the product page with one in-video click, are the way to go. 
  • While they are technically GIF, cinemagraphs add minor moving elements to your still photos. With the latest AI advances, we see this trend continue to rise.  
  • You’ll need to hook your viewers to succeed. When you have a great screenwriter at hand, you can engage the audience with a captivating story. Think about your product or service and how it can improve people’s lives and transform it into a short story that will melt your viewer’s heart. 
  • How many videos have you seen today that played as you scroll with no audio? And on how many have you enabled sound? Exactly. For your video to work, it needs to work as a silent movie. This can be done with subtitles or just let the visuals do the work. Of course, audio can still be a fantastic aid – don’t forego it. But you should plan for silent viewing at the design table, not in the post-shoot editing suite. 

How Can Affiliates Use Video Ads to Increase Their Conversions, Hence Payouts 

With the abundance of choice, consumers are making an informed decision before buying. That is why online reviews matter when you are trying to influence a decision to a digitally savvy customer. With over 50% of internet users watching product-related videos before buying, video is truly a leader in this category. 

Using affiliate video ads will up your marketing efforts and help you convert more leads than using static imagery or simple text. Here are a few different ways you can use affiliate video ads to generate more conversions: 

  • video sales letter that plays on your website, landing page, or digital ads. With it, you can convince the user to click on a link and lead them towards conversion. 
  • Create a video portal where you offer helpful videos to users or subscribers. 
  • Product review videos are an effective way to show the best qualities, usability, and overall value your viewers will get for completing an action. 
  • Make use of YouTube, which enables you to place affiliate links in varieties of places. 

Besides that, affiliates can leverage video format to engage and retain their audience and increase their recognition within the industry. Here are a few options: 

  • If you have a large following, FAQ or Q&A videos will bring down barriers between you and your audience.  
  • The same applies to behind-the-scenes videos where your audience peeks into your private life, work process, and so on. They are a wonderful way to increase user retention. 
  • When live events start happening again (and they will!) broadcast industry events or create event highlights video. It will boost your ranks in the affiliate community. 

Taking the Advertisers Perspective 

Marketing is all about boosting conversions and increasing sales. While there are myriad ways to do that, performance marketing is the most direct way to achieve your business goals. Every performance marketer should invest time and money to experiment with a performance video. The latest report from IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) revealed digital video ads compromised only 18.7% of total ad spend in 2020. That means there is a lot of opportunities for brands and advertisers to create distinguished ad copy. Placing a bet on your video creative will achieve the desired result. Below we have listed a few tips on how to create an amazing performance marketing campaign with a video creative. 

How Should Advertisers Create an Engaging Video Ad 

  • Mobile is the king. Web developers tell you to build the website for mobile and then adapt it for desktop. The same goes for creating a video ad. Over 60% of online video views come from mobile. Keep the video ads short and light. Do not push the viewer to rotate their screens, meaning always shoot in vertical. 
  • Go straight to the point. Before you achieve a conversion, you must convince the audience not to skip or scroll through your video ad. You have 3-4 seconds to do that, meaning you should not save the best for last. Quite the contrary. Show your brand and make your message truly clear from the start to increase recall and user engagement. Take this recent McDonald’s ad as a good example. 
  • Match your video aesthetics with your brand. As with your banners and website, when you are designing a video ad you will need to make sure you promote your brand identity. Match it with your colour schemes, fonts and take the opportunity to communicate your values. 
  • Focus on the creatives. In the end, what makes us watch a video is the video itself. No matter what your budget is, you can make your video shine. A few technical pointers: do not use dark backgrounds as they obscure visibility, especially for users on battery-saving settings. As with every ad format, your Call to Action should be clear and prominent. 

As part of Media Elements Group, we have a video crew at our disposal. We would be happy to give you a consultation, create a concept or shoot the video before we run it through our channels. Boost your performance and contact us today. 

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