Master Visibility and Organic Installs with Keyword Boost

65% of organic downloads in Apple’s App Store start with a search. App store optimization or ASO for short, has always been a crucial part in your user acquisition strategy.

Ranking high in organic search results is the single most most effective way to drive interest in new users to install your app.

Keyword Boost campaign is a key technique to consider if you are looking to maximize your ASO strategy in 2019. 

What is a Keyword Boost?

A keyword boost helps an app to rank higher for a specific keyword, which results in increased visibility and drives more organic installs.

How is a Keyword Boost different?

It works like a normal CPI user acquisition campaign where a user needs to install and open an app, but with a slight change in the user flow.

Instead of a user being redirected from the offerwall to the app in the App Store directly we introduce an extra step. They are then redirected to a landing page with instructions to search for the app using a keyword and then to download a specific app.

After the landing page, a user is then redirected to the App Store with the keyword already deep linked in the search box. The only thing a mobile visitors needs to do now is to scroll down, find the specific app, download and install it.

Why do you need a Keyword Boost?

75% of organic downloads are from apps in the top 5 search term rank.

By selecting a strategic keyword, and running a boost campaign, you can make sure that when the user is looking for something relevant your app is at the top of the list.

To reach maximum potential Keyword Boosts are typically run for 7-14 days. Depending on search term volume, rating, competition and whether the promoted keyword is in the app’s name and/or subtitle 250 – 2500 conversions per day are required to promote an app to top rank.

As the rank increases, we also adjust the budget to make sure that it’s run as effectively as possible, decreasing cap as we get closer to the goal.

Two Real World Keyword Boost performance examples

A gaming app advertiser wanted to rank for a keyword that was strategically relevant. Together we updated the app name and description in the App Store to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Goal: Rank in top 5 for chosen keyword
  • Duration: 10 day boost
  • Results: Goal achieved with a 2-3x increase in organic installs

Another example is from a non-gaming advertiser targeting the Bundesliga football season. With this campaign we observed a strong impact also on the category rank improvement of the app as a side effect of the organic growth from the Keyword Boost campaign.

  • Duration: 6 days
  • Results: Rank improvement from 28 → 9 for targeted keyword
  • Bonus result: Category rank improvement from 92 → 15

Visibility matters. There is no better place to drive organic growth thank to be seen in App Store (and Play Store) search results.

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Anica is a Product Manager, based in the Berlin Office. When she is not in the office, you will find her either sketching or reading, preferably with a giant mug of tea wherever there is a sunspot.